Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful heart❤️

Happy Thanksgiving to all. On this day I am so grateful and thankful for everything. Sixteen years ago I had the most amazing and memorable Thanksgiving day ever, when I gave birth to my first child. She wasn't due until December and I had a doctor's appointment the day before, they told me I wasn't going to be going into labor and to have a great holiday weekend. I left and decided since my doctor was right by the mall that we would go get our Christmas shopping done since I would most likely have her in the next couple of weeks. We honestly didn't think I would be up for shopping after I had her so we wanted to get it out of the way. After several hours of shopping and walking the mall I went home to make some pies for dinner the following day and half way through felt sick, something just suddenly came over me and the smells were making me nauseous, I add super tired but most of all I felt like my stomach had dropped and had a ton of pressure in my lower back. I went to bed early and woke up at 2 am to a sensation like something had popped in my tummy then when I went to get out of bed realized my water had broken. We went to the hospital shortly after and I was admitted by 5 am and she was delivered, with her eyes wide open as the doctor told us, a few minutes before the kick off to the Dallas vs. the Dolphin's football game. My Hubby being a Dallas Cowboy fan I remember him joking about how he hoped she would arrive before kick off and she did. It was the most amazing Thanksgiving for our entire family and the start of our own little family. Since that day Thanksgiving has become an even more meaningful day and one of the most thankful days of our lives. 

Below is a tee shirt I ordered back several months ago and couldn't think of s better tee shirt from my collection to wear on this Thankful day. I love the simple design of a heat with the word thankful, because I have a very thankful heart today. 

My daughter did all my makeup tonight for dinner using her new makeup she got and some tips from my friend Vanessa who came to the house the other night to teach her how to do her makeup a long with some tips for highlighting and contouring. She really did an amazing job. Love fake lashes never wear them but now I may be hooked lol. I told her she is in trouble now because I may be asking her to do my makeup all the time lol. 

My outfit for dinner is s chunky rust color sweater I got from the awesome Fashion Junkee, and some leggings that match perfectly from Forever21 paired with some old Steve Madden OTK slouch style black suede boots. You can literally scrunch them like socks lol, so 80's I know but they are really cute boots and I never could bring myself to get rid of them. Happy I didn't because I wear them all the time now. 

Have a great Thanksgiving and I will add shopping links later. Xoxo 

Feature Designer: Nita Angeletti

Nita Angeletti

For a while now I have posted a few times about this designer and some of her amazing pieces I have found from my friend Pam over at The Ehler's Co, Passion for Fashion Ebay shop.  I have had the joy of meeting Nita and exchanging many emails.  She was so kind to send me some boot cuffs and I also have a scarf with button cuff that can be worn on scarf or on your wrist also.  She is so talented and I really wanted to take the time to feature more of her one of a kind art work and details about this creative lady.

Nita Angeletti received a B.F.A from The Juilliard School, Drama Division, under the direction of the late John Houseman.  Upon graduating she joined The Acting Company.  Her performance career includes acting as well as dance.

Following her heart, these intense theatrical roots led her naturally into the world of design and decoration.  She considers herself an artist/designer who encompasses all areas of fabric manipulation and surface design where the "thread" to whatever she is working on is textiles.  She uses fabric as if it were paint, layering, creating shadows and highlights.  She also paints and dyes a lot of her materials.  All of her work reflects a sophisticated orchestration and arrangement of unusual combinations of texture and color. Her "collage style" distinguishes her work. Something that being an interior designer myself for many years and now working in fashion really can appreciate.  She is so talented and has such an amazing eye with textures and design.  

Her one of a kind "doll sculptures" are collected internationally and have been in numerous galleries and shows, including CFM Gallery, NYC; Stricoff Gallery, NYC; The American Folk Art Museum, NYC; Wachtanoff Gallery, Moscow.

She has designed and built costumes for all of the major NYC holiday windows, including Macy's, Herald Square, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, and many more.

Her current focus is on her "wearable art" accessories featuring one of a kind headpieces and neckwear. Her bibs and chokers seem to have taken "center stage" where she continues to unleash and refine her creativity and illustrate her passion for textiles.  

She has recently created some scarves and boot cuffs that are still showing her unique talent and creativity, you can find many of her items at The Ehler's Co, Passion for Fashion, link below and her recently opened Easy shop.  I have posted a few photos of some of her work along with some of the pieces I own that I style with my everyday outfits.  Hope you enjoy Nita's work as much as I do and make sure to check out more of her creations using the links below.  Thank you.  XOXO

From her Doll Creations

Boot cuffs handmade by Nita Angeletti

Scarf with button cuff all handmade by Nita

Here you can see her amazing eye for color, texture and design in this bib style neck piece.

You can find most of the items pictured and more designs by Nita at The Ehlers Co Passion for Fashion link below. Be sure to mention my blog for 20% your purchase.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Florida winter fashion

I wanted to do a blog post with some cute fashion styles and outfits that can be worn for winter in warmer climates. Not everyone has cold winters where we can wear layers of clothes. Here where I live we do get cool fronts, we actually have one right now but cool is mid 60-70's and during the day with the sun it feels warmer. I love all the winter trends, sweaters, puffer vests, quilted jackets, coats, tall socks and boots, leg warmers and hand warmers, you name it. I honestly own a lot of cute winter items but honesty I countdown to these cool fronts and usually they aren't anything like what they predict or call for once in a while we will get a drop down to the 40's at night but during the day it may stay in the upper 50's to mid 60's but usually I end up hot in my sweaters or layers.

I found some really cute winter trends that those of us who live in warmer climates can wear and dress up to still have the cute winter looks without being super hot. Of course layers are the best idea because as the sun comes up and the day starts to get warmer you can take off a layer. I always buy oversized sweaters or off the shoulder style ones that can be worn with a cami or tank underneath. Also I stick with light weight layers. I love flannels and plaid button downs but I look for lighter weight ones that aren't so warm. Most of my jackets are light weight I own a few quilted or thicker jackets but for traveling mostly. We usually go to NC every spring and it is always cold and we have gotten lucky to have been on our trip when it snowed also. Floridians are always excited to see snow. I was not born in Florida but I was 6-7 when we moved here so I am pretty close to being a true Floridian. I was born in NH and we lived in Maine. I love snow but I am so happy we moved to Florida I can't imagine scrapping my windshield and shoveling snow every morning just to go to work lol. I give everyone major credit that live in a cold climate where it snows a lot, it doesn't sound easy. 

Onto my cute outfit ideas for winter for warmer climates. I found these really cute dresses at Tilly's, I was lucky to get a gift card to purchase a few items from their new collection and after looking at everything I decided to put together this post and wanted to go with some light weight options for winter that can be dressed up for work, date night or play. My first dress is a gorgeous blush color fit and flare lace dress. As soon as I saw this dress in their catalog I knew I wanted it. It looked so gorgeous and the color is amazing. It fits perfect and flatters all figures or body types being a line fit. It has thin spaghetti straps but if you are self conscious about your arms like a lot of women are just layer a button down or cardigan over top, it looks so cute with layers. I tried it with gray and cream leggings, stockings in a cream color with a knit pattern and tall socks that are  knee height or thigh high both look amazing. Same with boots you can wear an ankle boot all the way to a tall thigh high boot, this dress looks good with everything. I love the combat boot look with this dress, there is something about a girly lace or floral print dress and combat boots I love. 

As you can see here I wore knee high socks and they can also be worn thigh height, but I slouched them down some because my boots weren't tall enough for the thigh height socks. I went with a mid calf height brown combat boot with laces by Steve Madden, but I also have Freebird brown boots with back laces that look great with the dress as well. I accessorized with gold and crystals, my bib style crystal necklace is from Tilly's but it is older got it last winter, the crescent moon and crystal pendant is by Black Black Moon and can be purchased from the Ehlers Co, Passion for fashion on eBay. I have their link on my favorite shops in sidebar but will also add a link to this post on the bottom. If you mention my blog when purchasing or bidding on auction style sales, Pam the owner, will give you a 20% discount. Just tell her Melissa from Dlitefultrends sent you. My bangle is handmade by Adam Rabbit jewelry on Etsy and her link is also in my favorite shops as well as many previous posts.

My cardigan is Hollister boyfriend fit and you can also find some similar in the current Tilly's catalog, and online. 

I also paired it with a fringe shaggy cream vest I got off eBay and have featured previously. It looks great with so many styles. One of my favorite pieces I have for fall and winter.

Next up I am going to dress up this cute floral long sleeve, v back with straps, cute dress. I have some leggings, stockings, tall socks and boots along with jewelry. This is just a peak into my fun shoot styling outfits for winter, I will have the real photos and post shortly. I just loved the look and wanted to share. 

. What are you thankful for this holiday?  I am truly blessed and so thankful for my family, friends, health and more.  Hope you enjoy some more of the new features I have added, like my where to find options have changed and slowly trying to change the layout of my posts to make them less to scroll through.  Thank you all for your patience as I continue to update and upgrade my blog.  I really love all my readers and friends, you have all been so supportive and kind.   Xoxo Happy Thanksgiving

Scroll through below for where to purchase other items.  Trying to make it easier and take up less room with my where to buy options.  I really like this style

Monday, November 23, 2015

70's vibe

My 70's inspired looks thanks to Rag and bone, Simply Quinn's, Asos, Target and Pacsun.

Rag and Bone jeans, Dre skinny and Elephant boot cut. Love them both. 

Necklace by @Simplyquinns on IG and Easy will add link below. She was so kind to offer a promo code for my readers for her shop, use the code GYPSY20 to save 20% off your purchase. Top is from Target and is an off the shoulder dropped top with crochet neckline. 

Extra long knit duster vest from PacSun and jeans are all Rag and bone on this post.

Top by Asos and is a cold shoulder style long gauze peasant style top with bell sleeves with crochet trim. 

Bracelet is a Disney find with my girls names and a heart charm cost was $9.95. Love it. 

Jeans are Rag and Bone elephant jeans I got off eBay for under $40.

Loving my new hair color which is a mix of the pravana vivids red, violet and wild orchid. Love the depth and vibrancy. 

Where to shop:

Use code GYPSY20 for 20% off Simply Quinns Etsy shop.

Scroll through below for where to find similar items and same items as above

Weekend wear

Love my graphic tees and this off the shoulder tee is a older style I have had by Pebby Forevee and paired it with some distressed Silver Boyfriend jeans and a Old Navy flannel.  Was going to get my hair done so went with the off the shoulder cut so I didn't have to worry about dye on my clothes. 

My new hair color, pravana vivids violet, wild orchid and red. Olaplex is my life saver best product ever created. Keeps my hair healthy and shiny. Makes my color look so bright and vibrant. My tee is a long sleeve striped dolman style tee from Pacsun and black Hudson skinny jeans. 

The vest is old and by Jessica Simpson from Dillard's. Necklaces are from Fawninginlove, the long blue and gold horn and then the crescent upside down moon was from Pacsun but Fawninginlove from Easy has a better quality one in silver, gold and rose gold. 

Where to Shop:

Scroll through the items below to see where my pieces can be purchased,

Friday fashion fun

Necklaces from Adam Rabbit Jewelry on Etsy. Love my newest addition the longer amethyst slab style pendant. Have wanted one like this for awhile so I was super excited when I saw she posted one she has found to list. 

Love my camo tee from Tillys, these are the best light weight cotton tee shirts love how soft and light they are. My bra is from VS pink and it's the bralette style with criss cross staps. I couldn't find one of these large enough to fit me but was thrilled to see VS had this one and the large fits me well. Could be a little bigger but it does the job. 

My arm stack is Lacey Ryan and a amethyst gem I found by my friend on Instagram @Gypsyhavejewel. 

My jeans are Vigoss brand and the tomboy style in black distressed from 

This lovely Aztec sweater is a cowl neck style light weight sweater from Maurices. 
The necklace is from Forever21. 

Shoes are old faux suede ballet flats with gold studs and jeans are the same Vigoss brand distressed black. Throw on some Alex and Ani bracelets for just the right added touch of arm candy. 

Where to shop:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

S'mores, Campfires, Hayrides and Boots.

What says fall more than S'mores, Campfires, Hayrides, and Boots. I love my new graphic tee shirt from Robby & Dee Studios on Etsy. I paired it with an inexpensive flannel I found at Walmart for $12.88 which beats some I was eyeing for $30-50 online. I also found some amazing deals on eBay I will link below for flannels under $15. 

The necklace I got today also in the mail from one of my favorite jewelry shops on Etsy, Adam Rabbit. I have been wanting an Amethyst like this and she had found one she posted on IG so I made sure to scoop it up for her birthday weekend sale. 

Here is my cute graphic tee styled with the flannel from Walmart. I also am wearing Vigoss jeans Tomboy, distressed style black jeans. Had these in blue and had to get the black because I love the fit. 

I will have more photos coming soon of this graphic tee styled with a cute pencil skirt, a pair of leggings and of course Boots lol. Can't wait to wear this tee shirt more love the quote for this time of year. Links below for shopping.

A little glimpse at some of my Adam Rabbit collection. Missing is a ring I got for my daughter and some lovely amethyst earrings. Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy as well as her new shop on Amazon Handmade. Love the Amazon Handmade shops, same idea as Etsy and I have seen a lot of cool creative items already I love. 

Coming soon, will have my Nita Angeletti feature done been working on getting photos of all the items I wanted to feature and will also have some great pieces from Fawninginlove, another great Etsy shop, Simply Quinn's which is on etsy also and is offering 20% discount for all my followers check out the link in my favorite shops and use code Gypsy20 for your discount. Also next week will have some great fall and winter dresses, yes dresses. Styled with tall over the knee socks, boots, leggings and more. This is for all my warm winter weather peeps out there that still love the winter and fall styles but don't necessarily get to wear the heavier pieces, I am giving some amazing cute options for outfits that are for the warmer climate but still have the cute trends for fall/winter 2015. 

Everyone have a great Friday and weekend, check back Sunday for more fun ootd posts from this week and other features. Xoxo ✌️❤️


                                  Walmart No Boundaries Flannel $12.88 (Red/Black)

                                                                                         Vigoss Black Tomboy Distressed Jeans $68

Jewelry link:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Simple Style

We have had some over cast and rainy days here in South Florida, so it has been a little cooler then our normal 80-90's with sauna like humidity daily. I took advantage to wear some sweaters and sleeves this week. Tuesday was work then took my almost 16 year old daughter to the mall for some shopping fun. Kept it simple but stylish still. 

My top is an over sized V-neck tunic from paired with ripped extremely distressed black jeans from Fashion Junkee. I have some simple ripped on the knee only black skinny jeans then these really distressed skinny jeans that I love. I got these over a year ago and the rips have held up amazing also they black has not faded like so many other black denim jeans do. Also keep in mind I use to dry clean some of my clothes but now I have a steam dryer so I don't use the dry cleaners anymore. Between my amazing top load washer, we had a front load but they grossed me out, is amazing it has a gentle and delicate setting but my dryer is awesome. We have the Electrolux and it has a rack for steam cleaning clothes. I also can clean the kids sneakers on this setting. It's awesome and worth every cent. We got our dryer at the outlet scratch and dent because it's in a closet off the garage, but you can't even see the sent or scratch it's on the side. Also I hang a lot of my tee shirts and jeans to dry then throw them in for a few to soften. My shoes are my gray ankle booties from ShopSophieMay, link in side bar and prior post on boots. 

My necklace is a pretty long chain with dream catcher, has some chains, a feather and a pretty opal like stone. Bracelets are Lacey Ryan beaded gold and black tones with a black leather wrap bracelet that has studs and a rhinestone infinity symbol. My bag is from Bohemian Vibe boutique and is a boho, fringe, black large tote. I love it and everywhere I go everyone thinks it is a high end designer bag. People always ask me is that Stella or another brand I forget. Love it, got it when they had their Christmas in July 50% off entire site sale for $30. Best $30 I spent this year. 

Wednesday was dare to flare jeans, my Suki Silver Jeans in flare fit. Love being an ambassador for Silver Jeans, they are the best fit and quality haven't ever had a pair I didn't love. Paired it with an of the shoulder crop top in strip pattern from forever21 and some Alex and Ani bangles. Wearing some Jessica Simpson distressed leather heels with studs. 

Mid week can't wait for the weekend, we have some cold weather heading in and will be wearing all my winter and fall looks for sure. Also excited to be doing a shoot with a lot of hot new trends from Tilly's and some great products I have been sent to collab or feature here on my blog. Excited to share some new designers and shops with everyone just in time for Holiday shopping. Yay. Have a good end of the week. Xoxo 

Shopping:  Black ripped jeans, will add direct link shortly having issues with internet