Sunday, November 2, 2014

Be still & know

Be still and know camo tee paired with Vigoss jeans, fossil belt, and the army green vest is from target as well as the brown boots. 
Love this tee so much, the camo goes with everything and love my target vest and boots. Both were on sale. The vigoss jeans are the tomboy Thompson in destroyed medium denim. 
Here I have on the Be Still and Know company, Jesus loves this hot mess tee. Paired with vigoss boyfriend jeans and Steve Madden boots I found at TJ Maxx. 

Found this amazing shirt shop online from a friend I follow that makes some amazing scrubs. She posted this cute tee a little while back and the shirt had been sold out every time I went to order. A few weeks ago they restocked and I was able to order two shirts I had wanted for awhile. Still want to get a few more but so happy I was able to get these two.

The name of the store is Be Still and know clothing. I found them on Instagram. I ordered the camo tee with the Be still and know phrase, which for anyone that doesn't know is a verse from the bible. Psalms 46:10, He says, Be still and know that I am God.  I grew up with a very religious up bringing, my grandmother married the minister of her church, he also was the minister that married my mother and father. He went on to retire and became a deacon. From a very young age, before they were married my father's family was catholic and my mom's family Protestant, but when we moved to Florida my grandmother was married to the preacher who was my grandfather, being that they had been married before I was born. I spent every Sunday all day at church and many nights a week in the church for bible studies and my grandmother ran the church choir so I also sang a couple nights a week. 

I was enrolled in Christian school my entire life and have read the bible, studied the bible and even briefly studied religion my first year of college. I got into the study of religion because being part catholic and Protestant, then going to a Presbyterian, Catholic and Baptist school I was always curious about the different religions. As an adult I don't go to church every Sunday like I did as a child, we do still go for the holidays, and I have been looking into finding a church that I like. I have been between the type of church I would like to take my children to. I know I want them to go and I have always read them the bible. My oldest daughter went to baptist school for two years in preschool and for a couple of years my husband and I had found a church we liked but we moved, fell out of it and have since talked about going back but haven't found one we like. 

The other shirt I ordered is a gray tee that says, "Jesus loves this hot mess", love it because from time to time I can be a bit of a mess. I swear, which I always tell myself I have to work on that. After I had my first daughter I had gotten a lot better because I became more aware of what I was saying but over the passed few years I have slipped and gotten back into the bad habit. Also no one is perfect we all have our times when we make mistakes or aren't the best version of ourselves we can be. I really just loved the shirt. I have another tee I got many years ago that say "Jesus loves me and my tattoos" at a tattoo convention because my grandma use to tell me when I was 18-21 and getting them, what would Jesus think honey. I don't think he would be upset, I would tell her lol. 

Below and above  are some photos of the shirts and make sure to check out Be Still and know on Instagram. I will post a link below to the website. 

Love it paired with this rock and republic necklace I got a couple years ago at Kohl's. Also you can see some of my new blue shades I added to my hair. 

Website is

Have a great week and hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. We have had amazing weather and got to break out some winter wear. Will have some cute fall and winter fashion stuff. I love bohemian style and have some cute twists of bohemian for fall winter style. Picture lots of fringe, booties, kimono style long sleeved tops, Aztec vests and sweaters, flowy tops and fringe scarves. For sure my own little twist of the boho look, but with my little rocker chic look thrown in. Always got to have the ripped up jeans and tees. 

Thanks for passing by 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fashion finds on a budget

Today I am posting with some recent photos of items I have had since back to school shopping and recent finds from Target. When ever I am looking for some amazing cute styles and fashion I head over to target usually for one of my first stops. I have a few other stores I have posted on the blog I enjoy shopping at and also some online boutiques for tops or accesories but when I need some new basics like cardigans, belts, shoes, dresses and tanks/tees in solid colors or cute prints I usually hit Target.

This week I have a couple cute dresses I got a little while ago but have seen in store still as recent as this past weekend and then some cute items I picked up on sale or regular price but couldn't resist cause even regular price is always such an amazing deal. I always have fun in the fitting room trying on all kinds of different things. I have a certain style of my own and taste but sometimes I try to pick up items I may not normally be drawn to but that are cute and in style at the time. Sometimes it's a hit other times it's a miss but you don't know unless you try. 

Below are some photos of my items I found this past weekend and then some items I have had. Also will do my best to have details on any items I wore with the target items as well. Hope everyone is having an amazing week. My hubby had to have emergency surgery last week and had a post about boots I was planning to finish but somehow it got deleted. I will try to get something together later this week but just had some photos of some different style I think every lady should own, like rain boots, I love Hunter rain boots and their socks, riding boots, motorcycle boots, booties and cowboy influenced boots. Also we should all have some high heeled classier boots for evening wear during the fall and winter months. Where I live we don't need snow boots. Honestly my husband thought I was insane two years ago when I got my first pair of mate black hunter rain boots lol, he laughed at them and said they look like the rubber ones they give him at work or they sell at walmart, but I explained it is not even close. I have some printed target boots and then I have my precious Burberry rain boots, you can tell a difference for sure, my hunter boots are still my favorite. I just for a moto inspired pair a few months ago I haven't shared cause over the summer they really weren't something I was wearing, but do cute. Again I will post more on those later in the week and would love to hear from some other fashion forward and lovinf ladies about their style staple boots and shoes for this fall/winter season. 

Have an amazing week. 

Dlitefully yours, 

Found this super cute gray dress with a color block look during back to school shopping and love the fit. It's super comfy and it is still a dressy look. I love to layer these with a cardigan or kimono style vest or jacket. 

The dress has a waffle like texture on the top and then a black or dark gray waist band, at the bottom it has the waffle looking material as a band. Very move fit, I am bigger busted and this usually leads to me needing to buy large tops and even dresses which is a downer cause then it looks baggy all over everywhere else cause I wear a 4 to 6 in bottoms. This dress I was able to get in a medium with no issues, it isn't tight across the busy and te length is perfect. 
Had to throw this tank top in cause I grabbed it off the clearance rack and Pink Floyd is one my favorite bands. I love classic rock and then 80's metal, hard core metal, and 90's rock along with some amazing heaver bands that are still around and kicking. 
Found this amazing outfit last week and got to wear it to a PTA meeting this week. I had the perfect pair of shoes but forgot to snap a shot. They are black with a light pink trim and bow. Need to snap a shot to add to this post. The shoes were by Steve Madden I believe and this entire outfit is from Target also. 
The top has a peplum look, fitted on top with back zipper closure, then it flows out at the waste a little. It is a soft material and is black with white, light pink and a touch of a soft blue accents. The skirt is my favorite, it is a light pink, pleated chiffon like material with a satin feeling lining and black elastic waste. This outfit is very classy and dressy yet so comfy. I brought a black blazer with me and got so many compliments. A lot of the ladies couldn't believe I found it at target. Below is a white fur vest I tried on with it but my mom talked me out of buying. I thought it was kind of cute and stylish but didn't go with my style.
Found this super comfy black and red, buffalo style plaid flannel. Usually Hutton down tops aren't easy for me cause the buttons pull but a large fit and tucked in or pulled out doesn't look to baggy or unflattering across the waste. Love flannels for fall and winter for layering over my favorite tee shirts. In this photo I have on vigoss tomboy Thompson destroyed denim jeans and some amazing boots which I have more details on below. The boots are also from target.
This outfit is a sweater vest from target by xhilaration and cartwheel had a 25%off coupon. The shirt is from Be Still & Know clothing company and is the camo Be still and know tee, jeans are Thompson tomboy by Vigoss and the boots are the same as below from target. 
Got these amazing boots on sale in the cognac color only for $24.99 that was a ten dollar savings. Have a lot of black boots and only two brown so had to have these. 
Tried on this dress at Taeget super cute and made by Merona I believe, but ran large. I have on a medium in the photo and it was large than the small was still large in the waste and hips, wanted a more fitted look so going to keep my eye out for a XS. Super cute.
Stocked up on sweaters and cardigans because they had them all buy one get one 50% off. Love this oversized cream sweater. Again pictured with vigoss jeans. 
Grabbed this skull tank for $12.99 to match my skull leggings I got this time last year at Target. 
Hello Friday, my favorite day of the week! This cute muscle style tank was also $12.99 at Target. 
Wild at heart sweatshirt from target. 
Loved this muscle tank, the saying is great. Don't ever be basic and always be true to yourself. Don't ever let other people influence you to be who you are by bullying or harassing you. 
Grabbed two pairs of these cute vans looking slip on shoes by Mossimo. Glad j waited cause I almost got these a month or so ago but were on clearance for $11.
These are super cute didn't buy them but took a photo cause I love the gold bow. Been haunted by them and may return to buy them. Super cute and so my style but with it being fall I figured I didn't need any more sandals since my closet is full of sandals, but I know some spring I will regret not getting these. 
This is the vest I mentioned about that I tried on with the pink ruffle pleated skirt and peplum style top. I think it's cute but my mom was like "Really" so I decided not to spend the money. It is super cute on and if I lived somewhere cooler and not so hot and humid I would have probably gotten it. Looks cute with a lot of different things I tried on that day. 
Cute gray boots, I posted these and took a photo because I just ordered a cute gray shepling jacket online but waiting for it to come to see if the color is close enough. All items are from target again. 
One of my favorite purchase from august or September is this tribal dress with cobalt blue trim. Super comfy and fits amazing. I purchased a medium. 

The xhilaration vest in army green again, with my be still and know camo tee, vigoss jeans and fossil belt. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'd copy me tank

Woke up to a little cooler weather here in south Florida. Was in the low 70's this am and no humidity, it feels amazing out. Decided to wear a tank top since once the sun comes out it warms up, but layer with a light weight cardigan to stay warm inside the hospital and first thing this am. 

Love to layer my animal prints and camo pattern vests or cardigans over cute tees and tanks. To me animal prints and camo are neutrals. I have been saying that since I was using my favorite animal prints to accent my home. Found this cute cardigan a couple years ago at Kohls and the super cute tank top with gold glitter is from Lola and Darla. They have some super cute sparkle tees and tanks, not just for the ladies but for kids too. 

Love this tank cause of situation I have been through but at the same time don't like to act as if I am someone who originated or created everything and imply everyone is copying me. I don't like when people think that everyone is copying them. I am very over  people who are full of themselves and competing with everyone, to me so petty and immature. I was drawn to this tank after someone I followed on Instagram had one and with the situation I have been through with this girl who copied and harassed me I thought it was cute for sure. I have talked to a lot of people who love this tank because they have similar story as mine. It's never cool to copy someone else's creation or imitate people. Always be true to you. You can however like things that other people have or you, as well as be inspired by other people. I myself get original ideas often but I am always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram for crafts, art, fashion and home decor. One thing I learned in design classes was to spend a lot of time looking through design and architecture magazines along with browsing shops and store catalogs to get inspiration. We all do it so I think it's silly how quick people are to say, I started that trend or I originated it meanwhile people were doing it long before them and someone inspired them. This is just that mean girl and immature persons mentality 

Also paired this with a cute pair of hudson jeans I diy destroyed and added my own holes and tears. They are skinny cropped but can't really see in photo.

Enjoy and still here with my husband helping him through the day till he gets released. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun fashion tee so suiting and new hair

Haven't posted due to my health, have had a lot of tests scheduled and been going through a lot with horrible side effects. As of right now my neurologist is looking at MS. Have had many symptoms for years, around five to six but recently my vision and balance along with numbness on my left side has been scary and hard to deal with. 

Also have had the usual drama of immature stupid acting people. We all know by now if you read my blog about the issues I had with a female that led to me hiring a lawyer and having to go to court. She is persistent I will tell you that. I don't like to look at anything she does cause I don't want her to think I am stalking her lol, which she already claims but from time to time your curiosity can be peaked or she posts a comment on something I see from someone I follow or a page I follow on social media making reference to me or something I have done. Most recently saw a photo online posted by someone she seems to be clingy and weird with like she was with me, but actually making fun of a item my daughter got for me. I just had to laugh. Wanted to defend myself and even posted some old photos of a denim vest I had gotten in the spring and a cutting board I have had for years because I believe she is trying to make this girl think I am stalking or copying her now. It is all insane honestly. Have seen posts about how this girl originated the flat lay outfit posts lol, and is the original never duplicated often imitated lol. I don't know about y'all but I have done that since I started posted outfits and items I purchase and I just happen to have wood flooring. I didn't have it installed to copy her lol, and sure didn't get the idea from her didn't even know of her and still don't really know her. It's just funny, immature and narcisstic to me. 

So many women are so quick to say hey she wants to be me, she copied me, I did that first! I call BS! We have all seen things done by others and gotten an idea or inspiration. Either way wasted enough time on that subject just want to vent cause I am so over it. I blocked this new girl awhile ago when she had posted a photo or was featured on a page and I had made a comment about the photo then later saw the stalker was commenting also then looked and saw they seemed to be close, I don't trust anyone she talks to or associates with so I had blocked her and then funny not long after the stalker and this girl, I will call her the new me lol, cause she likes everything this girl does and I'm sure has bought and done a lot of the same things lol, well she blocked me cause when someone had mentioned to me that this girl had all these mean and immature hash tags and she thought it may reference me or whatever with the stalker then I wanted to take a look but was blocked. It is weird though cause when j search certain hash tags for pages I follow to like photos her photos will show on that because I have accidentally liked some so now I always have to look lol. The entire situation is a downer cause this girl doesn't even know me and 100% for sure she doesn't know this stalker girl at all or if she had any sense she wouldn't even associate with her. If she knew the lies, insane staking and things she has said she would never want to be friends with someone like that unless she also is into trying to ruin peoples lives, marriage and stalk their kids along with do everything someone else does from buying same clothes, items, doing same hobbies and flat out copying to the exact things people do. 

Anyways lol sorry I get in these venting moods and sometimes can't stop. I can't talk much about it really cause I don't want to even give her or the entire immature situation any thought but sometimes you just want to get it off your chest, especially when someone is lying about you and playing like they are the victim. So many times I want to defend myself but than I think why. I know I didn't do anything wrong, my husband and anyone who is my friend all knew and know she is not right and my lawyer is taking care of the legal stuff always for me. Better to just take ten seconds to breath then move on. 

This post wasn't to vent was to post some photos of my new hair and then a tee I wore today which is so suiting for the day and my mood. Tee was inspired by several ladies I follow on Instagram. A lot of the new tees I have gotten lately have either been something I saw on etsy or eBay or from Instagram. I follow a lot of teachers who are knot fashion and wear a lot of super cute tees along with other amazing ladies who are super stylish and know all the good shops. 
Good Vibes only tee is from Mulberry Press Co. And again seen by sweet sugar bliss scrub on IG and many other ladies I follow. Was my first purchase from Mulberry and was so in love the style and fit of this tee versus many others I have ordered just placed another order last week so more to come. 

New hair done by Deb at Rock Paper Scissors. Added some shades of blue from Pravana. One shade is from the pastels, one from the neons and the other from the vivids lines. Love it
Some of my purple and pink stayed in the front and kept a little of the dark purple underneath cause I like contrast not all one shade. 

Will have more photos of my hair soon, it is hard to capture the color with the camera.  Also have orders coming this week. Since I have been sick been online shopping and have a lot of packages coming this week. Found a cute rock, papers, scissors tee on clearance and had a discount code from Banana Republic I ordered while at the salon with my hair lady, also some cute Vigoss boyfriend cut, destroyed denim jeans from Nordstroms that were on super sale and saw my hair lady's amazing pair had to search, find and order. They are so cute. Couldn't find same exact pair but found two pairs similar. Loved the cute and look. Then ordered from Be Still & Know finally, had been trying to order a tee since months ago when I saw my friend from Sweet Sugar bliss post a photo of the tee, then also ordered some other cute ones cause they had just restocked, for months all the tees I wanted were always sold out when I went to order. Also placed another order with Mindy Mae's, Old Navy and eBay. This week will be a fun week of fashion mail, then have julep and birchbox. I canceled my daughter's Ipsy because e had enough bags after two years and then she wanted Julep so let her take over mine and I just kept my birchbox. Out of all the boxes it is my favorite has the best selection of items and since I don't wear makeup really other then some lipgloss and nail polish, I like birchbox the best.

Think I may try the bark box for my puppy Piper eventually. Enough rambling for me going to wake my hubby, who had surgery last night and is recovering at the hospital, he has been sleeping a lot this am but was up most of the night in pain. Ty again to everyone on FB and IG that has sent prayers and thoughts to him and our family. Been rough to see my best friend, love of my life and our rock laid up. He never had to have surgery so was scary but he was a champ. 

Off to spend time with him. Have a great day and will post again when it is possible. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day to evening tee shirts

Wanted to show a quick day to evening, office to weekend, styling with a cute tee I purchased from Style Latelty. I am always wearing tee shirts and tank tops then I have fun dressing them up or down with jeans, or skirts etc. 

I think tee shirts have always been my biggest wardrobe item next to jeans and cardigans. I also have tons of sandals and flip flops because I live in south Florida. When I was in high school I was known as the jeans and tank top with flip flops girl, was always my style and when it wasn't really hot outside would be tee shirts, usually band tees. I have always been big into rock or heavy metal music. 

Below are a couple examples of how you can take the same cute basic tee with a cute saying or graphic then dress it up or down. This took me a few minutes to run in my closet and grab a couple items, I could put together much more detailed and cuter things for sure but just wanted to do something quick.

Let me know what you think. I think you will be tee obsessed like me, if you aren't already very quick. 

Girl Boss tee from Style Lately, Green military style jacket with detachable fur collar I got from American Eagle a few years ago but you can find similar styles everywhere the army military look is back in again. I have always loved camo, army green and tan along with my love for skulls and ripped jeans or studs lol. For me it is always in style. The pants I have had for a long time also they are great cargo style camo pants with an amazing fit, found them at Dillard's and are made by Fire Jeans, the back has Asian style writing where the tag would be. 

This is the same cute tee from Style Lately, paired with a cute AB blazer from Macy's, and a pencil skirt from Express. The necklace I added in to show a more dressed up, evening look. The necklace is from Kohl's and is made by Rock & Republic. 

Here is a cute side by side and keep in mind you can always take layers off to give a more casual look or add more layers like jewelry, scarf and accessorize with boots, heels and a cute bag to change it up. I didn't put a lot of time into this wanted to show that it can be next to effortless to get a cute look with a simple tee in minutes. Also with basics most of us fashion lovers have already in our closets or homes. 

Hope you enjoyed this. Be sure to check out style lately for cute tanks, tees and more. Below is another tank top I got with this tee that is super cute and says Not High Maintenance. Can't wait to wear these out and will for sure post photos here and on Instagram. 

Enjoy your week. 

Style lately, Not High Maintenance tank top

Monday, October 6, 2014

Night out outfits

Had an event last week and a quince over the weekend. Below are the two outfits I went with and details. 

Dress, White House Black Market with gold button details. Shoes, Rock & Republic from Kohls. Gold clutch with bling snap and jewelry is all from Charming Charlie's. 
Leopard dress by Jaloux, wore a black strapless bustier and leggings both from Marshall's, for underneath since the dress is shear and short. Jessica Simpson black heel with leopard print peep toe heels found at Marshall's a couple years ago. Tory Burch black clutch with gold chain detail. Michael Kors gold and tortoise thick chain link necklace and the bracelet is all gold same style with MK logo. Also MK gold watch with rhinestone trim.  The jewelry and bracelet all from MK outlet. Then k wore a thick rhinestone gold link bracelet from EBay. Last detail was a black flower hair clip I found at walmart for my kids. 

Enjoy and any questions on clothes or where to find if I forgot to mention just comment below. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.

Cute tees, kindness is always stylish...

Cute new tee shirts to add to my tee shirt collection. 

Kindness is always stylish tee is from Mindy Mae's Market and was on sale. 
Paired it with a pair of black skinny Lucky Brand jeans to run errands and take kids to school.  Love the fit of this tee and vneck style. Super comfy cotton and on sale now! 
Guess you could say my shirts contradict each other with one saying kindness is always stylish, than sorry not sorry, but I I always try to be kind some people just don't deserve my kindness when they gossip and lie or cause drama. Really I just thought it was cute and use the hashtag often in a cute, fun way, not a rude way lol. Sorry not sorry hashtag tee I found at Walmart on clearance for $1.50 couldn't pass it up. It's super comfy and great fit. 

I had been wanting the top tee for a few weeks and when it went on sale showed my mom, she ordered it for me cause she knows how much I love cute tees and it came the end of last week. Super fast shipping and processing.  The other tee found when shopping for a quince card over the weekend on clearance at Walmart. Love the pink and for $1.50 why not. I'm not sorry lol. 

Waiting on a order I placed almost two weeks ago from Style Lately with some more cute tops and placed a couple orders today for new tees and a couple long sleeve tops, or sweatshirts. Will post photos once I receive them and wear them. 

Enjoy and remember, kindness is always stylish, being mean is just plain immature and rude. Always be kind or just don't say anything at all. Have a great week everyone. Need to wear my shirt that says I don't do mornings and I don't like Mondays. Happy Monday is almost over and ready for this hectic week. Have my doctors appointment on Wednesday and still praying for good news. Thank you to everyone who has reached out with kind words. Also Ty for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. Being a mom of two kids I worry more about them and of course my hubby in this time. My little one is to young to know but my oldest and my husband have been concerned. Bless you all.

 If you have a shop or boutique you have found cute tees and tanks feel free to share with me. Also owners of shops please contact me I would love to wear your shirt ito post on the blog and post on my Instagram. Tee shirts and tanks are my thing. Always been a jeans and tank/tee girl since I was a teen. Usually paired with sneakers or most likely flip flops or sandals. I am a flip flop girl, that's the Floridian in me lol. ��

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nautical fun

Quick post on my Outfit of the day, what I am wearing now.  Went with a cute Marshall's navy and white, boat style dress I found last year on clearance and then some cute navy and white boat style shoes. Was torn between these or my navy Tom's with white bottoms but these had the boat nautical look. Shoes are also from Marshall's. 

Next up are accessories, my favorite part some days. Lately I haven't been feeling so good and super tired but today had a little more time to accessorize. Went with a cute chain link belt with a anchor charm I found on eBay, then a super cute anchor rhinestone bracelet in silver from Charming  Charlie's. I also have on a cute tiny pair of hoops with a anchor in silver not pictured. Navy and white headband also not pictured and then teamed it up with my Michael Kors Hanilton tote with silver accents, MK silver runway watch and a cute chunky MK logo necklace in silver. 

Hope you enjoy my nautical twist today. Love navy and white stripes along with anchors.