Friday, January 30, 2015

Navy and white Blazer

Found this super cute navy and white striped blazer at Target, of course. Was shopping for things for the house but I was drawn to the clothing department first. Love stripes and love navy with white, so as soon as I saw this had to grab it. Didn't try it on but was happy the medium fit, it has some room actually. May run a little large because usually blazers or button down tops I wear a large. 

Super cute paired with my navy dress pants and vneck tank. Tank is from target and pants are from express. 
Perfect for work, meetings or even cute with jeans or a pleated skirt, so many options.

Love this and for me a great blazer with some texture and not just solid is a staple item for every closet or wardrobe. Target does it again and I looked great for my meeting earlier this week. Wish I had taken a few shots of the blazer after adding some pearls and navy accent pieces along with my Tory Burch flats.

Tgif all, so happy it's the weekend. Enjoy and happy shopping. 


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Target and Homegoods inspired feather, bohemian bedroom

Below is a collage I made last week after seeing the painting on top left at Homegoods, the pillow at target and then saw these super cute Etsy pillows on Pinterest so hit Etsy to hunt and found several pillow covers. Love the concept of pillow covers so I don't have to buy more pillows when I own so many. 

Last week I was inspired by a painting I saw at HomeGoods, went back this week and it was marked down to 18 from $39.99 had to buy it. I love bohemian style not just for fashion but home design. I have been trying to finish my bedroom for some time, usually I finish every room in the house and my bedroom is half done or on the back burner. 

Luckily Target is next door to Homegoods so I made a quick run and still had my 25 off 100 and 10 off 50 coupons that expire tomorrow, and grabbed some sheets, had the duvet from last week, got two shag gray rugs for each side of the bed, that feather pillow and some pillow cases. I stuck with white and gray sheets, love white bedding. Also love cause my old bedding is aqua and white then gray and white so it all goes together. 

However I am looking for new euro shams in aqua or darker gray. Love how it looks just have to decide how to rework the pink accent now, thinking once I order the Indian headpiece pillow off etsy which has pink, it will all look fabulous. 

Quickly threw it all together between cleaning my closet, dressing area and bathroom.
Love how it looks already and just started. 

Black and white shot I posted on IG. 

As you can see I am catching up on posts for the week. I have a post post I am saving for tomorrow with before and after shots of my closet and dressing area. Then I finally am ready to paint and finish the kid's rooms, guest/kids bathroom, my room and bath, closet and other rooms.. Have had a to do list since summer and finally almost done. Tonight crossed off a lot of items. This was the first week I didn't buy or spend on clothes since I am cleaning my closet and trying to make room along with get rid of stuff I don't wear. Won't lie hit target today and grabbed some marked down items for next year, my favorite new jogging style sweats they had in my size in a color/pattern I didn't have lol, and got a couple cute spring items. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for some closet updates, super cute navy and white blazer from Target outfit of the day from Tuesday, and hopefully I can get on track, I would like to post a outfit daily. Also post home decor and design post as I finish with before and after shots, bargain and shopping hauls, with details on prices and where to find. Then more health and fitness articles. 

For those who have followed my battle with migraines will have a update next week on my Botox treatments. Had been over a year now since my first post about it and it has been a life changer. Have some tips and some facts about it along with some of the downs and outs of it but all around it is amazing. I am only saying downs because my next treatment is coming in a few weeks and I am getting mild headaches and had my first migraine since my injections on NOv 25. Always a downer when it wears off. 

Hope you like my room and the direction it is going. I am excited for the changes and love sleeping in my new bedding so cozy. Happy home decorating and bargain shopping, don't forget Target had that bed and bath sale with coupon, then cartwheel app has many deals for clearance apparel and lots of deals for home drove. And those fabulous poufs I posted last week marked down to $41 are $29.98. I have gotten two and waiting for them to lower the lighter blue one which was still ringing up 41.98. 

Off to bed. Thank you again for your support and please leave me some comments. I have seen my views have sky rocketed since the new year again and a lot of you are reading or passing by, feel free to follow me here or on blog lovin, and I always love to read your comments and feed back. 


Big bold fierce baseball tee, wolf in sheep's clothing

Today I am just now posting my outfit from earlier in the week, playing catch up cause my life has been crazy trying to clean my closet and prepare for a garage sale. I will be selling some amazing items on my eBay store, purses, clothing and accesories. If you are interested leave me a comment and I will post a link. Also stay tuned because I will be posting some of the items on here later next week. 

Speaking of eBay I found two of these fabulous tops on eBay. My daughter wanted the blue sleeved one awhile back and I looked into it but was retailing for over $60, at the time I didn't have the money so told her to keep an eye out for a sale or promotion. Then I saw this super cute wolf tee on her site and wanted this one also. I wasn't even looking for them, was searching for a plain black and white raglan baseball tee and this popped up. Both were listed and for under $13 a piece plus shipping for the buy it now and the bids were at $5 and change each. I won them both and couldn't be more happy. My daughter is also excited cause we wear the same size and share items often. 

I got the wolf in sheep's clothing and the wild nostalgia tee. Both are new and in excellent condition. I normally would have ordered a size larger but my daughter will wear them more then me and it fits my nicely. I love them both. 

My collage of fave shots from that day. Paired the tee with Silver jeans in distressed medium, love these jeans have had them for six years and bought several pairs in different shades and same for back up. 
Paired with a Indian hand made necklace from NC, Cherokee Indian reservation, bracelet that was from a shop in the same area and hand made then the silver distressed jeans. 
Here they are together with mail I received that same day. These items will be coming up in future posts. I believe I have posted about My Pebby Forevee tees, I have a black tee from her shop with the John Muir quote, the mountains are calling and I must go. Love it and purchased this pink tee, hand made, cute off the shoulder cut, says " blame it on my gypsy soul". Love it and will feature next week for sure. Also ordered this cute, All love no h8 tee from the NOH8 campaign. Love their tees and love their motto. 

The Big bold fierce tees are made by a artist and are all so incredible, be sure to check out her site and IG page. The shirts are amazing quality and so unique. I still can't believe the amazing deal and now that I saved so much in two plan to buy one to support her because I do believe in supporting the business and small business owners along with fellow artists. Almost felt bad buying them and posting but I am a stay at home mom running my own small business and have to save money, be a savvy shopper along with getting amazing deals. 

Enjoy and remember always check eBay you never know what you may find. 

Happy hunting xoxo

Thursday outfit

A little cool weather outfit of the day, had to throw this together quick today after having a scare at my daughter's school not long after I dropped her off. Just finishing cleaning and organizing my closet, which has made getting dressed so much easier. 

Little collage of some of my favorite shots. 
Before the scarf and fingerless hand warmer style gloves. Have on a basic black tank top from Old Navy, super cute and baggy, off the shoulder, lightweight cream sweater with a black heart from 2chicsandacause, also the cream and black boot cuffs are from same shop. Found them on FB and they also are on IG. Black leggings were a Christmas gift from my mom and she said they are from Marshall's, they are super soft and lined. Boots are Steve Madden and found these at TJ Maxx in black and brown on clearance at Marshall's not long after. Love them. Obsessed, also target had a similar look in same height and I have a taller pair I got at target on clearance recently. 
Here you can see the amazing cute scarf that can be worn many ways, had super cute button detail and was from Walmart, another great gift from my mom. The gloves or fingerless hand warmers are black and have a cute button detail, found these on eBay for $3. 

Have some amazing spring stuff coming soon. Loving pastels and prints, silk shorts with lace trim and lots of sandals. I love peach, coral, aqua, mint, and light yellow. Can't wait to show some cute things I have found. Enjoy and happy shopping. Xoxo

Sunday sunset

Was going to include some of the photos I captured with my iPhone when we went to take photos of the sunset Sunday evening in my last post but forgot. I also took some amazing shots with my Nikon D610 but have not uploaded any of them because I have been so busy cleaning and organizing my house this week. 

Below are a few shots, please do not steal or repost my photos without my permission. I like to share my photos but don't like to find them being used by others without being asked or acknowledged. 

Thank you and enjoy this stunning sunset from our amazing Everglades national park. 

I was excited to have a few pages feature my shots. It has been hard to get as many features with my Instagram set to private but hoping I will be able to remove the privacy setting soon. 

It was such a stunning night with the sky starting out pastel colors and as the sub lowered turning to red and orange bright colors. Was so lovely. Will have more to share once I upload my camera shots but wanted to share a couple of t favorites. 

Please share your blog link or photos with me along with leaving comments. I love to hear from everyone and please remember keep it kind. 

Always be you and be happy 

My ootd from Sunday

Sunday night we had some amazing weather here. I know a lot of you are having some crazy weather and hope everyone is keeping warm along with saying safe. Here we don't get much cold weather and it is always a nice change. Sunday I decided to layer up and wear some items I have not gotten much use out of but am looking forward to wearing while in vacation next month. 

We decided to take a trip out west to Holiday Park in the Everglades for the sunset. I got some amazing photos of the sunset along with meeting some amazing ladies from IG while I was there. I always love to meet other ladies who have a love for photography like I do. Also it's fun to meet people from Instagram. 

For my outfit I wore a pair of Americsn Eagle jeans that I love. I love many brands and some are more expensive then others but when I am looking for an inexpensive pair of nice fitting jeans I always hit the American Eagle outlet. Even their regular stores always have amazing sales along with a great clearance section, but the outlet has a huge clearance area and always has the jeans on sale for half of what they retail for. I love their skinny jeans and super skinny jeans. They are soft, fit amazing and for $20-25 can't beat it. 

I paired those with a eBay find white tee that has a quarter of the sleeve ribbed and my favorite thumb holes for your finger, love this because I can keep my hands warm and don't need gloves or hand warmers. I layered with my Old Navy clearance vest in navy and white stripes, and brought my navy peacoat along in case I needed an extra layer as the sun went down. I also had my Burbery scarf in navy plaid and clearance mossimo boots from Target. Another amazing deal with cartwheel I found last week. 

Here is a flat lay shot of my outfit before I got dressed. Posted on IG

The tall navy socks with lace trim and bow were another eBay find, under $3 with shipping. They are super cute and tall. You can't see but the have a heart design on them. 

A selfie from IG of the outfit on once we returned home from taking photos.

I don't like to take bathroom mirror selfies but it is the easiest way to get the entire look without having to have one of my kids take a photo for me lol. I saw at Walmart they have the selfie stick that you attach your iPhone or phone to and can take pictures with. May invest for better photos for you all to see. 

Impressed myself because I got everything seen here on eBay or from the stores on sale at 50% below retail or more in some cases. Old navy had an amazing sale the day after Christmas online and target is killing it with sales. Will have a post shortly about my target finds and deals this week, including that pouf I posted last week that was on sale for $41, well I went back to get a few things with a giftcard I won got target and it was on sale for 29. Hope to get another one today. 

I have been working hard on spring cleaning. All week I have been cleaning my closet and dressing area, donating many items and will be selling more stuff. I will have some photos soon but first have to make a target run. Stay tuned for my cleaning shots and tips for organizing your closet. Also will have some shots of my bohemian inspired bedroom update, target finds and more outfits of the day, along with some weekly mail. Always gl email and to share my newest finds and deals. 

Enjoy xoxo

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Target home decor

Target always seems to hit a home run with me. I love cartwheel and love the amazing prices they have on some truly amazing and stylish home decor. 

I recently have begun updating my girls bedrooms along with our guest bath which is also the kids bath, my bedding and added some new pillows and decor to our living room. All projects I started before the holidays but once the tree came out and all the decor had to put the updates on the back burner along with the spending to make sure the holidays were amazing for my kids. 

I got all new bathroom stuff, going with yellow and gray, with bushes nickel accents. 

Also got myself a new comforter in white with pintuck style stitching. Many high end stores have the same set got double or triple what I paid at target. The set was on sale and had a coupon. Make sure to upload the cartwheel app if you don't have it already amazing. You can scan the items as you add then to your cart and it will tell you deals or promos for each item. Love it. 

Also got my little one a pink shabby chic bedding set. It's a duvet cover because we all love our down comforters and duvet covers. We also all love our upholstered headboards lol, my little one will be getting a new gray, wingback tufted headboard in the next couple weeks I found online for an amazing price and will be posting. My oldest is taking her black leather, tufted headboard which I found on Craigslist for under 100. It ended up not firing the full size bed frame so my oldest decided she wanted it. 

I found amazing curtains to match the comforter set for my little one and a cute rug. Also got these super cute pillows for my living room. Homegoods is next door to my target so ran in and without even having the new pillows with me, which I usually bring them in but was crunched for time and forgot. I managed to find two pillows that match perfect to use to accent them. Now just need to find two aqua blue pillows and looking for a multi blue pillow to tie all the shades of blue together. 

Enjoy my photos below of my shopping trips from Friday and the week before. Make sure to stop in target and get that cartwheel app. I have saved hundreds already and just started using it every trip right before Christmas. Amazing deals and I love that. I am a bargain hunter 

A trip to one of the many targets in my area is always fun but I like to go to this one cause I have a Homegoods right next door to hit if I need any accessories I couldn't find. 
Saw these a couple weeks ago and was eyeing them, happy I waited went on sale from 24.99 to 19.99 then had a 25 off 100 and 10 off 50 bed and bath coupon I used for bedding and a 15% off home deal from Target.  
Had to get one of these cute Foo dogs to bring navy blue into my already aqua and teal blue Asian, Moroccan living room design. Only 12.99
Couldn't pass up this sale and they have an extra percentage off clearance items also on cartwheel app. Matches my new living room and have a aqua one from clearance before the holidays. Hoping to go back and get the navy throw before sale ends. 
 They look amazing, actually removed the pillows that came with the sofa and only have two left out of the ten that came with it lol. My hubby doesn't like pillows but we compromise cause I love them. 
Here is a close up of the two from target and then the two from home goods to show I didn't do bad matching them. Just need two lighter aqua blue shade pillows and one multi blue ombré maybe style to tie all the shades together, then want a red or orange one I saw at Target to tie in the shades of glass from my Moroccan  lanterns. 
This is the bedding I got for my bed on the left and on the right is similar to the style below I got for my daughter both from target. Both under $100 for the duvet and two shams. My set was after coupons 50 for a King and my little ones pink set after coupon an cartwheel was 60 for a full queen. 
Her bedding on the bed, she loves it and so does everyone who has seen it. Perfect shade of pink. Waiting on her gray wingback headboard then painting the green accent wall gray. 
These curtains match perfect and can't wait to put them up after I paint that wall. Also from target of course. 24.99 but check for coupons and promos. 
Our guest bath stuff. Also have some more items not in picture, another set of towels from target that are yellow with white floral, and a rug that matches. Curved shower curtain rod for that larger shower feel and some other misc accent items. 
These are from before Christmas my oldest decided to take her birthday money and gift cards to re do her room. We found this duvet set and sheets all in sale, amazing rugs, pillow and more. I also got her a chair in gray for Christmas, record player, throw blanket, another shag style gray rug for other side of bed and a marquee much up sign. We are also painting her room soon. Will be light gray. 
Photos of the bedding and rug 
The throw at end of bed I found at Marshall's 
Quick side note ladies, I scored shoes and boots for myself and my girls at 50% off then an additional 40% off that price with cartwheel promo. Got these boots which were 39.99 and another pair in black different style, marked to 19.98 and then 40% off that. Got two pairs or converse for my little one $3.48 each after sales and boots for 5 amazing. Also got some flannels, cardigans, dresses and other hot items from winter for all under 10. Amazing check it out. 
Feather art I found at Homegoods Friday hoping it fits over my bed. Love this and the colors are perfect. 

Hope you enjoyed my target decor finds and leave me comments please on your scores or links to your blog please 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Le motto tee shirt and boho skirt

It's Friday, rocking my new Le Motto tee. Love this brand they have so many amazing tees with inspiring sayings. I literally want one of every style and saying. So many amazing choices. I went with this white tee with black, more karma less drama. Tee is super soft and fits amazing, their shipping was fast, pricing is great and again the messages are amazing. Skirt is a flowy black and white boho style with silver embellishments. Paired it with my strappy  chain and rhinestone sandals, from Kohls by Candies. Added some bohemian inspired jewelry to match the skirt style and done. Fun flirty fashion with a positive message. 

Hope you enjoy the tee and make sure to check out Le motto on Instagram and online at I promise you will find a shirt that inspires or touches you. Be sure to tell them Creative mamarazzi from Ig sent you. 

From Lemotto Instagram page, this is my purchase saving up and hope to be able to purchase a few. They also have a sale section that has amazing prices. Something for every budget and every type of woman. 

We are all cool kids for sure, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, what matters is what we feel and know. Be yourself and do what makes you happy. There will always be haters, fakers and so on but you have to do like the Taylor Swift song, Shake it off. Again this is from the LeMotto IG page. Picked a couple of my favorites but again I could post one of every shirt. Check them out for yourself. 

Collage of my outfit of the day from Friday, the shirt really inspired me along with the amazing weather to dress it up and be fun. Love this boho style skirt I purchased several years ago. It's fun and flirty with cute little silver round embellishments that dangle off. 
Dressed it up with some bangles from many different brands, like Coach, Tory Burch, Alex and Ani and some other fun ones. A cute Rock and Republic necklace with chains and rhinestones to match my cute ankle wrap style sandlas by Candies. Necklace is also from Kohls along with the shoes. 
Earrings are some long dangling silver boho style earrings. I love bohemian style and have many amazing jewelry pieces and outfit pieces that I have gotten over the years. 
 Hope you enjoyed my ensemble and remember be you and don't worry what anyone else says or thinks. Have fun with your fashion and style. It's a way for is to express who we are and what we love. 


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hope for Humanity, amazing brand with an amazing message

I am big into tee shirts and cute fashion. I follow and find some amazing shops or stores on Instagram and Facebook. One day when I was feeling down I had searched on Instagram the words you can sit with us, instead of the mean girls quote you can't sit with us. I came across this post below: 

It was posted by Hope for Humanity, an apparel line. I followed them and began to look over their page. So many amazing items with great messages and then saw so many inspirational quotes or posts that hit home for me. I have dealt with social media harassment and bullying along with being lied about and having to defend myself because of things said by people who are jealous. Their quotes really touched me personally and had to share with my friends. 

First shirt I got was a gift, I had told my friend about this site and she told me you have to get that tee. At the time my hubby had just had emergency surgery and I was worried about shopping for my daughter's upcoming birthday and. Christmas. I got home after a day of tests at the hospital, for Ms and auto immune disorders, and found a envelope. My girl that lives out of state had ordered it as a early Christmas gift, my hubby called her from the hospital and they had talked, he told her he was going to order me the shirt and she went ahead to order it. I loved it. My daughter loved the tee so much I ordered her a tank for Christmas. The guidance counselor at her school saw it and I told her about the site. She enjoyed it and has since asked me to ask them if it would be okay to print some of their posts and quotes to post on the boards around the school along with in the peer counseling room. 
 My tee is a ladies classic tee with a almost vneck in athletic gray. Love the saying because usually those who bully and copy, or try to bring others down laugh first and then they copy or bully people. Being mean is not cool people need to really think about what they do and say. Also who they are doing it to, some people are going through struggles that are real and they have no idea about nothing is worse then struggling with health issues or personal things but having to deal with someone lying about you, stalking you and harassing you. Just because in the 90's they made a movie about, I think if I remember the morale of the story was that mean girls finish last, it is always better to remain true to yourself. I have to stop myself from stooping to that level, usually it is to defend myself or show I am not copying by posting a older shot but then I usually delete it because I don't want drama and it isn't who I am.  I am who I am and I do what I love always have. I have had this blog for many years and had several other blogs before. I have always loved fashion and have always been against bullying. I had my experiences a in middle school and I remember how bad it felt, would never want my own children to do that to anyone or be a victim of it. 
 This is the black tank top and it fits amazing. My daughter and I wear basically the same size so we share items. I ordered a size large and will say they do run slightly small but it for good. I would suggest ordering a size up if you like a loose or baggy fit, if you like your shirts fitted and tight stay true to size. 

There are so many amazing quotes on their FB, IG and website you have to check it out for yourself. On fb you can find them under and on Instagram they are under HFHApparel. 

I will post a link to the website below. I am placing  a order, waiting to hear back about sizing because on my iPhone I could not find a size chart but was told on their regular site there is a size chart for all items. I have used the mobile site twice now and have not seen sizing but emailed them at sales and they responded right away. Will be contacting someone about using the prints at my daughter's school and am a huge supporter of the brand. Being someone who was bullied as a child and now as an adult I have had some very unpleasant experiences most of which have been on social media. I believe if you are going to be someone who is on social media you have to have a strong back bone, be able to let things roll of your back and not let things get to you. Even the strongest of us still have feelings and when someone lies about you, turns strangers against you, has other people bullying and harassing you, stalks you or makes you feel bad about yourself with mean comments it is hard to not let it bother you. Always try to hold your tongue and be the bigger person, I myself have slipped and tried to defend myself or repost a shot of somethibg I have had or worn to prove I don't copy, I buy what I like not just because someone else had it. I don't like to spend money and am a bargain hunter so if I do spend the money it's because I really like it. 

I am want to order the eco fleece jogger pants shown below with the Hope for humanity logo and a worry less dream more ladies sweatshirt, then I also am ordering their confidence and intelligence tee in same style as my tee pictured above. Once the items arrive I will take photos with my daughter to post in a new blog post. I have decided this year I want t show off my photography skills as much as my fashion finds, bargains and home design finds or projects. I am hoping to be able to take my own photos of my daughter and friends in the outfits, then as good as I can take selfies of myself in the clothes. 

Below is the items I have in my cart right now, the pants are $60 and the sweatshirt is $50 then tee shirts are $40. My cart with the sweat suit and two shirts is at $200 before shipping so think I will have to take some items off. I would love to win the lotto or a shopping spree because I honestly want one of every item they have but being a stay at home mom, and my hubby being out of work for six weeks due to emergency surgery right before Christmas we are on a budget and I usually am bargain shopping. I found some cute joggers that are similar but don't have their logo at target for $19.99. I do however really want these pants lol. For now probably going to go on my wish list and I will order the two tops I want. Winter is almost over and we do live in Florida. Maybe they will have a sale at the end of the season, fingers crossed. 

Photo above from @hfhapparel ig and fb page. Not mine. 

Check out their shop and site at  I promise you will find many items you love and a lot of inspiration. I don't find many brands that inspire me and touch me so personally but this one hit home. It was hard to have drama related to it do to social media bullies but it has passed. I will support the brand and wear it with pride no matter who else owns it because I know I had it first and ordered it because I liked it and it had personal meaning to me. That's all that matters. 

Remember ladies and girls, always be true to yourself, be original, be you and don't let anyone ever make you feel bad for doing that. ��