Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Fringe Boots

Fall Fringe Boots

Gray Fall Fashion Faves..

Last fall I got a few amazing gray pieces for my closet and this fall already grabbed a few items I love and in gray. Usually I don't go back to back years loving the same styles or colors but this fall I still love gray. I love the regular burnt orange, reds, browns and neutrals but gray really is the color I am gravitating to again this fall. Last year I got some gray jeans and boots, then a great gray jacket and some gray sweaters. I already had a Michael Kors gray purse my hubby got me for my birthday so I was looking for some pieces to wear with that bag. I really loved bringing the gray shade into my wardrobe and love how it looks with black and white or adding a splash of color also. 

This year I saw these amazing boots, they are made by Kristin Cavallari and as soon as I saw these suede and fringe boots I had to have a pair. I almost went with brown or black but honestly the gray kept standing out to me. Gray really does go with everything like black and brown, it is a neutral shade. After purchasing these boots for my birthday now I am on the lookout for other amazing trends in gray for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. I found some cute sweater dresses, skirts, jackets, flannels and more. Wanted to share a few of my favorites. Below are a few of my faves and I will be sure to add links this week to the post. 

The infamous boots that called me out. As soon as I saw these in a email from a online store, I had to have them. I normally wouldn't splurge but it happened that the email came the week of ym birthday and I figured why not. Last year I got a taller pair of boots at Target on clearance at the end of the season for $15 and then have a pair of Hunter boots in gray. Just cleaned all my boots off over the weekend because they tend to get dusty through spring and summer. I even parted with some pairs I haven't worn in awhile since I got a few new pairs last season and at the end of the season on clearance. 

I love these suede and fringe Kristin Cavallari boots. It was hard to decide on the color, they come in black and brown also, but the gray just stood out. I love the higher thin heel and again fringe is a fave of mine. Going to go great with my favorite bohemian pieces and my rocker style pieces also. Can't wait. 

A collage I posted on Instagram of my favorite gray fashion pieces for the fall. 

I have a couple pairs of gray jeans but I also really love white jeans. These jeans are made by Silver Jeans Co. They are the Suki Mid Skinny jeans and look amazing on. I am an ambassador for Silver Jeans and have worn this brand for over a decade. I have loved these jeans long before becoming a ambassador for the brand and was beyond psyched to become one of their brand ambassadors. 


This fabulous sweater vest comes in gray and cream, it is made by Silver Jeans and can be ordered at Can't wait for this to arrive ordered both colors, love sweater vests since I live in South Florida and it doesn't get very cold here. It's a great way to layer but not get to hot. I have lots of different style vests, some kimono style, sweater, or just regular cotton vests. I always love to layer my tops and vests are perfect for the warmer climate where I live. 

Gray sweater dress from This is another great fall or winter fashion piece for Florida climate. Light weight and knee length. 

A couple of flannel button down tops I ordered from also. Love flannel and plaid button down tops for fall and winter. Great again for layering over graphic tees or solid tees. Like the gray accent in the flannels so they can be paired with my new boots and jacket. 

This silver and blue flannel from is so soft and fits amazing. Love that this flannel has white, gray and blue so I can wear it with jeans, my gray pieces and the options are endless with the great color combination. 

I saw this sweater skirt in this pretty Aztec style pattern and had to have it. Have so many tops that will look good with this and think it will look great with taller boots, mid boots, booties and heels. This is also from 

Above is my new gray Moto style jacket. I found it at I looked awhile for the perfect gray jacket that wasn't priced to high. I know I won't get to wear it a ton but wanted a great jacket to wear with all my new gray pieces. I broke down and purchased a great fringe brown Pam&Gela jacket off eBay for under $175 but still expensive but was really happy with the price and fit of this jacket. The quality is also awesome. It retails for $69. Go to and check out all their amazing trendy and stylish fashions. They have the best selection of tees, tanks, jeans, jackets, dresses and accessories. Love Maurices they have become one of my favorite new stores. So happy I discovered them last year cause since I have really gotten some amazing pieces. 

Of course I have to feature a graphic tee shirt. Love this gray and white, thankful graphic tee from Sweet T's on Etsy. They have some really awesome and cute tee shirts, tanks, baseball tees (raglan) and sweatshirts. Their prices are awesome and the quality is excellent. I love graphic tee shirts and have many different brands and styles, I use to splurge and was willing to spend some crazy amounts on a really good graphic design tee or tank but recently I have really been watching what I spend and really paying more attention to quality also. I had paid some crazy prices for tees to only have them made poorly or the actual shirt being stiff or really thin. Now if I am going to not care about quality I just buy $10/15 tees from wherever but I can say there are still a few online shops I have found and etsy stores that make amazing and unique tees and tanks on high quality tee shirts. This is one of my favorites. Be sure to check them out. Their tees average $20-25. 

Thank you for checking out my fall gray fashion favorites, and I will be sure to add links to each item under the photos this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay tuned have lots more to come for fall from fashion to home decor along with some fun Halloween costume ideas also. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sand cloud Wanderlust25 for 25% off now

Hey everyone I know you must have seen my social media posts and previous blog posts about the sand cloud Turkish towels, that I ❤️ love. I am a brand ambassador and love their products. Not only are these towels made well but they are so multi purpose and functional I can't get enough. I have the bohemian blue towel which I have used at the beach, pool and a rock concert. It is so light weight and dries super fast, like all the sand cloud towels. Also it makes a gorgeous and stylish sarong or wrap for over your swimsuit at the beach. 

I also have the coral pillow towel, which if you don't have a beach towel with a pillow you don't know what you are missing. I love this towel and the removable pillow. It is also made of the same light weight, fast drying material and looks great as a wrap. Then I have the seafoam pocket towel with a great concealed zipper pouch for storing cash, keys or other smaller items. I really love this brand and I think it is super cool that every purchase they take 10% of proceeds to donate to protecting marine life. Not only are you going to get an awesome, well made, stylish towel but you are also helping to save and protect marine life.  That rocks ✌️.

Every order you receive free shipping and with my exclusive promo code you will get 25% off your order. Wanderlust25 is my code. You can't beat that. For a little while I had a link which you can find in my prior posts that was good for 40% off your purchase, I am not sure if that offer is still valid but it's worth a try if you want to scroll back in my posts, if not be sure to take advantage any time using the code wanderlust25 for 25% off your order. I appreciate your support and I promise you will love this brand and products as much as me. Please share your thoughts with me and I would love to hear about your order also. Thank you to everyone who has already been so kind to support me and order a towel using my link or code. It really means a lot to me and I am so grateful. 

Have a fabulous weekend and head on over now to and at checkout enter Wanderlust25 to receive your 25% off and again shipping is always free. Xoxo. 

My coral pillow towel by Sand Clioud. One of my favorites. Really I love every item I have ordered from them. 

My little one loves them also. She always uses the pillow towel for napping and I actually am ordering a second one so I don't have to share. 

My bohemian blue towel used as a wrap at the beach. Love how fast these towels dry and how stylish they are. They look amazing as a sarong or dress wrap on the beach and they are great as decorative accent towels in my bathroom. I swear these are so multi purpose I can't get enough. Excited to be able to share them with everyone and offer the code to save 25% off your purchase.  Wanderlust25 

The bohemian pattern is gorgeous and the tassel detail on the ends is beautiful and just another great feature to these amazing Turkish made towels. 

Above is the coral pillow towel after I took out the removable pillow. This is also gorgeous as a wrap or sarong. There are lots of colors and styles to pick from and they also have the pocket towel which I need to take photos of and the bag towel in denim or seafoam. Head on over to the website now and take a look. They also have bamboo phone cases along with a large selection of colors and styles of Turkish beach towels. 

Xoxo ✌️❤️

Wanderlust25 is my code for 25% off your purchase 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dressing in my favorite styles is what makes me feel most beautiful and confident

For many women wearing a dress or heels is what makes them feel most sexy or beautiful. For me I feel my most comfortable and confident which makes me feel beautiful and sexy when I wear a pair of ripped jeans, a graphic tee or tank and a pair of either flip flops or converse. Since I was a young girl in my early teens I have always loved rock music. From when I was old enough to start picking out my own clothing I always would rip my jeans and loved band tee shirts or concert tees. I would go to rock concerts with my big brother and my parents always wanting to leave with a cool new tee shirt. For me this was my first real personal style coming out. As I got older I was never a girly girl, sure I love to dress up for events or special occasions but I have never been big into makeup or wearing fancy clothes. I have always felt my most confident and comfortable wearing jeans with a cute top. I love to dress up and play with my favorite styles, wearing ripped jeans with a dressy top or a graphic tee with a fancy skirt, then accessorizing that with lots of jewelry and of course matching a jacket or kimono with cute shoes and bags. 

Today when I was getting dressed I really was thinking about it and realized that I am most confident and feel sexy in a old ripped up pair of jeans and a great fitting tee shirt with some converse or sandals. It really does make me feel my best. Yes I will wear heels with my jeans and maybe a nice top or switch it up and take some of my favorite graphic tee shirts or tanks then pair them with a long skirt or tighter pencil style skirt and some sandals or even sneakers depending on my mood. At the end of the day I always feel my best when I am being myself. Over the years I have had many different jobs and some I have had to wear business attire, I would never feel confident wearing clothes that aren't me. Sure I would wear that same pencil skirt I have paired with my graphic tees many times and a button down blouse or blazer but it didn't feel as comfortable or as stylish to me cause I didn't get to make it my own look. Since I have gotten older I have learned so many amazing ways to stay true to my own style and favorite fashions while still wearing some of the latest trends. I always no matter if they are in style or not be wearing my ripped jeans and graphic tee shirts though. Over my entire 38 years of life ripped jeans have not always been in style but I have always worn them. Same thing with my graphic tees, I use to cut the neck line or sleeves off, or even shred the backs and sides but no matter what I did to the pieces of clothing at the end of the day it was still my same old jeans and tees that I loved. Remember confidence shows and when you are dressing if you aren't comfortable or wearing things that you feel confident in it will show. Anyone can go out and buy the hottest styles and trends then wear them but not everyone can look confident and feel good in them if they aren't really who they are or what they like. Don't ever try to hard to be something you aren't no matter what your style is if you feel confident you will look beautiful and rock it. Have a great rest of the week, and weekend. Tomorrow I celebrate my 38 birthday and you better believe I will be rocking my ripped jeans and tee shirt for sure. Xoxo ✌️❤️�� always be yourself...

My outfit today really inspired me to write this post. For many years I had friends who would invite me out to clubs or for girl's nights and then they would show up and see me in my ripped jeans, asking me if I ever wore anything else lol. Yes sure I do but this is what I feel good in. 

Love my Hollister clearance boyfriend jeans for $25 got three pairs and an additional 30% off. Can't beat that and they are already ripped nicely. For me the more worn the better. 

Love to take some amazing original, hand made jewlery to dress up my looks and always adding kimonos, jackets, vests and other layering tops for a dressier look for work or going out. 

Here wearing a graphic tank that I love the saying, Coco Chanel inspiring quote, "Don't be like the rest of them darling." Love this quote because I really don't want to be like anyone else, just me..

Paired my graphic tank with a floral kimono and JCrew ripped jeans. I must own over 50 pairs of jeans and capris, I would say a large percentage are torn and distressed. I have learned some amazing tricks to distressing my jeans and denim over the many years I have been wearing denim. Same as tee shirts I have all kinds of fun ways to cut them and shred them to look cool. Love to change up my clothes and make them look unique. 

You can check out more of my graphic tee shirts and ways I have styled them on Instagram using the hashtag #melissastees. I own hundreds of cute tee shirts and tanks with many unique designs or sayings. I still love to wear band tee and concert tees also. Jeans are also a favorite I own so many pairs and Silver jeans are a favorite of mine. I was over the moon when they invited me to become a brand ambassador because for over a decade Silver Jeans have been my go to jeans when I am looking for a new pair. 

Like a lot of ladies I love Juicy Couture, started out as loving their handbags and sweats. I use to wear their track suits as my pajamas, and own many graphic tees. The lovely ladies who started Juicy Couture have a line out now called Pam & Gela which they have some amazing pieces from sweatshirts, skirts and of course amazing graphic tees and tanks. I have been working on collecting as many as I can find on sale or online for a good price. They are really awesome and love their blonde saying tees lol. Some are pretty awesome. Right now waiting for a few I purchased for my birthday online I can't wait to share. 

Again you can find more of my tees and even my other favorite styles on my Instagram and twitter. On Instagram @cr8tivefashionwanderlust and twitter @gypseawanderer. Enjoy ✌️❤️

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forever 21 Fall Fashion Favorites.

I am absolutely loving some of the fashion trends for fall. I love the fall colors. I wish I lived somewhere that the weather got just a little cooler, the leaves changed to those amazing bright red, orange and neutral shades, and I could layer more. I have to make due with the occasional cool front that passes through so I can take advantage of being able to wear some of the trends but luckily a lot of the cute fashions and trends are pieces that can be worn in a warmer climate also. I may not get to layer pieces or wear some of the heavier pieces but I can wear these cute mid length skirts, light weight sweaters and long sleeve blouses, tunics, ripped jeans, fringe detail pieces and color block styles I have featured. You better believe when a cool front does pass through I take full advantage of being able to layer some looks and wear my scarves, boots, hats, gloves, and other cool weather accessories. Again that doesn't happen often but occasionally we do get some temperatures below 60 and for us Floridians that is cold lol. Enjoy some of my favorite styles below... 
   Some of my top Fall Fashion Favorties

I always love to shop at Forever 21 for some of my pieces because the prices are amazing and they always have some really amazing fashion forward pieces. I went ahead and started to order some pieces for fall since I work as a stylist, I have to make sure I am on point when it comes to my wardrobe. I can't go to work wearing the same pieces over and over. I have learned some amazing tricks for recycling pieces along with accesorizing or even as simple as adding a few new hot trends to my closet that can be mixed and matched, or layered for new looks. 

Below are a few of my favorites that I picked up recently from the Forever 21 store along with ordering a few items online that I did not find in the store yet. 

I love all bohemian inspired styles and these fringe front sweaters caught my eye right away in the store. Love the fringe detail for the boho chic inspired look and feel. 

This amazing sweater comes in Navy and Cream, it is light weight so it's perfect for warmer climates or if you live in a cooler climate perfect for layering with a button down flannel, solid button down men's style shirts, chambray tops or patterned tops. This sweater is $24.90 and available at 

Love mid length skirts and love olive green for the fall. It is also available in a cream/khaki color as well. It retails for $27.90. Very figure flattering and can be worn with cropped style tops or tucked in dressier blouses and button down style tops, wrapped front blouses and with sweaters like the one above. 

Another cute mid length skirt option is this button down front, white and black striped skirt. Button down front skirts are very on trend for the fall and look amazing. This skirt retails for $17.90 and also comes in olive and black stripes. 

Forever 21 has many options for front button down skirts and mid length skirts that are great for the fall season. 

I also found this denim button down skirt that I almost didn't try on because I didn't think it would look good on me, but was amazed how cute it is on. Has a bohemian, gypsy feel for sure and will work with my huge collection of graphic tees and tanks. The pockets are large and the length is perfection. This skirt retails for $24.90. Again all items can be found at 

One trend that I have seen a lot of for fall is color block. I love this color block French style pullover. I got two different color block tops and a dress from Forever21. This sweatshirt style top is shorter length and very flattering on, thins the waist and looks great with jeans, leggings or even the mid length skirts. This one retails for $19.90.

Recently I posted a burgundy short sleeve top similar to the above top from This black wrap front blouse has long sleeves, lace detailed back and deep v, draped open front. Love this look and got a few different styles, colors and looks for my closet. I will be pairing this top with jeans and found a gray one with a hood that is super cute. If you want a more modest look you can wear a thin cami or even a strappy bra top for less skin or cleavage baring looks. I know I volunteer a lot at my little ones school so I always like to have a top under blouses that are low cut or show a lot of cleavage. This black top also is available in burgundy and retails for $17.90. It is the twist front, lace paneled top from 

Mentioned above for wearing under low cut tops, these criss cross strappy sports style or crop style bra tops. This one retails for $14.90 and is available in a couple colors then they have a couple online exclusive ones ranging from $12-15 in black or white. They are light weight but add a cute element to low cut tops with the criss cross straps exposed. Love this look and have a couple tanks or camis with a similar look from summer I can use under some of the cute trendy new lower cut tops. 

Hope you enjoyed my quick fall fashion post featuring items from Will be showing more of the items as I wear them or when my online order arrives. Be sure to follow me on social media for daily ootd posts and fashion finds. Have a great end of summer. Can't believe my girls go back to school Monday, summer flew by crazy fast. Excited for the fall and holiday season, look forward to sharing lots of new trends and fashion finds with everyone. Make sure to share in the comments below some of your favorite trends for the fall and favorite places to shop also. XOXO ✌️❤️��

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock Show and Peace River summer fun...

Hope everyone has had an amazing summer. Sad to see it come to an end, always a bittersweet time around my house. I love having my girls home and spending that quality time together as a family. I am excited for my girls one will be entering the second grade this year and the other her second year of highschool. Crazy to think in another couple years I will have a college student, amazing how fast the time flies. Below are some photos of my second to last week of summer. Can't believe as I sit here outback enjoying the breeze off the lake that a week from tonight I will be in bed already dreading that 5:30 am alarm clock lol, but excited for another new school year, and lots of fun new adventures. Have a fabulous rest of the summer and will have some cool posts to share this next week and the end of August. Keep an eye out. Feeling very blessed and grateful for everything. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Love my new wrap front top from Paired with some boyfriend jeans and a stylist wrap beaded bracelet from Bohemian Vibe boutique, link in my favorite shops on side bar. 

Be sure to check out www.Bohemianvibeboutique and follow them on Instagram @BohemianVibeBoutique. This bracelet is stunning and has so many gorgeous colors. 

Couldn't wait for my Brand Ambassador welcome package to come, had to order a couple bracelets to share with everyone. I love feathers and my favorite color is blue, so of course I went with this lovely blue bracelet with silver feather charm.  Then always liked wishbones so picked out this black and hammered silver wishbone bracelet. You can also find the link for PuraVida Bracelets in my favorite shops and be sure to use my code MelissaSep10 to save now on your purchase. They have so many amazing bracelets and lots of great charities they donate proceeds to as well. 

Will have some other new shops and brands coming this month I am working with as well as become a rep or ambassador for, will be sure to share links, product photos and details along with exclusive promo codes and links for everyone. Excited to share some really cool new tees, bracelets and more trendy fashion boutiques. 

Back a few weeks ago placed an order for this cute tank from Adam Rabbit on Etsy, then decided to order an Amethyst necklace and unique blue agate stone bracelet to go with some other cool pieces I own. Love her amazing creations and of course as soon as she shared this cool graphic tank her boyfriend designed for her shop and brand, I had to get one to add to my graphic tee and tank collection. Check out Adam Rabbit on Etsy and follow her on Instagram @Adamrabbitjewelry. You can also check out more of my graphic tees here on my blog or on my Instagram feed, you can also use the hashtag #melissastees for a quick look at them on IG. 

Adam Rabbit tank and Amethyst Necklace. Bracelet by @gypsyhavenjewel on Instagram and Etsy. 

Gypsy Soul tank from Fashion Junkee, palm kimono was from EBay will be adding link to this amazing shop I found this week with a post on some amazing jewlery designers, then the black fringe purse below is from Bohemian Vibe boutique and is my new favorite black bag. 

The long necklace is from Maurices and is made by Lacey Ryan, the feather is a eBay find. 

Friday night we had tickets to go see the Deftones and Incubus at the ampitheater in West Palm. Took my oldest daughter and we had a blast. Great way to end an amazing summer. Trying to fit in lots of activities and fun memories with my girls before summer ends. 

I got a ton of comments and compliments on my tank, it has a draped almost wrap like open back and the front reads, "Music is my Best Friend". This was a Pacsun find if my memory is correct will double check on my Instagram feed and correct if I am wrong. The sunglasses are Michael Kors, jeans are boyfriend ripped jeans from Hollister in dark rinse and wore black Converse. 

Of course I took my Sand Cloud blue bohemian towel, to sit on at the concert since we had lawn seats. Be sure to use my code Wanderlust25 for 25% off your purchase at Love these towels and can't get enough. Love how multi purpose they are. From beach, camping, concert, picnic, lake, pool side, wrapped as a skirt or sarong at the beach, they rock. 

I was a happy camper Saturday am even though I went to bed after 2 am and woke up at 6 am to pack the car for Peace River campgrounds. Love camping and was a great adventure even though we did get some rain. Love to camp out and enjoy the river. The have a great wilderness location for the tent camping experience here in south Florida. 


My tank was from EBay and camo shorts from Macys. The camo Tom looking, slip on shoes are from Walmart paid $5-7 on clearance and they are so comfy. Like them better then my real Toms. Then have on my camo and classic Lokai bracelets. My blue one broke but have a new one coming. The blue was my first Lokai and was sad it broke but been wearing them in the ocean and pool all summer won't be doing that anymore. 


   Gorgeous Peace River in Arcadia, FL


Our tent we got nine years ago from Walmart for $38 on clearance, huge fits two queen air mattreses and a twin, with room to walk around. We do need to get a new mattress for the kids they woke up on the ground, and weren't happy. 


My husband got this amazing tent that we use for our personal restroom, porta potty, has a bucket and bags. I highly recommend this for all females camping lol, it makes roughing it style camping way easier and less rough feeling, lol. I love it and since we got this a few years ago don't mind camping at all. No inconvenience of finding a private wooded area or driving around the camp looking for a porta potty, which I don't like at all. My sense of smell is strong and my stomach weak so those always gross me out but who isn't grossed out by a camp site or any porta potty at that lol. 

Enjoy and hope you have a great week.