Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Migraine treatment update.

In October of 2013 I posted a article on here about my long struggle with migraines. It had gotten so bad that I would get 2-4 migraines a week at times. I had tried so many medications that had awful side effects. Side effects were losing my hair, memory loss, speech issues, dry skin, skin rashes, dry mouth and more. I tried chiropractor, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping, massages, every home remedy that I was told about from others or had read about online. Sadly nothing really helped me. 

After six years of battling and being in my worse spell of chronic migraines ever my neurologist finally suggested trying Botox injections for the treatment and prevention of migraines. I had several people tell me about this treatment but was told it was expensive and if you didn't go to a good doctor you could have all kinds of bad side effects. I googled it and was terrified. I hate needles and the idea of getting 34-36 injections in my face, head, neck and shoulders was terrifying. Like anything the horrible stories I read about was enough to make me think it wasn't worth it but then I would read just as many anazing stories that I decided if my insurance was going to cover the treatment I would give it a shot. This treatment can cost $800-2000 depending on the doctor, dosage and amount of injections. It can only be done once every ninety days. 

My neurologist sent for approval from my insurance company and after getting denied my doctor personally called my insurance company for me. He explained to them all the treatments I had tried and the list of horrible side effects explaining how I got no relief. After many conversations with the insurance company and answering many questions  it finally was approved. I wrote about my first appointment and one update after my second treatment. Everyone wanted to know if it took care of wrinkles since some of the injection areas are on my face, honestly I don't get the shots for cosmetic reasons. I don't feel at my age I need that yet but I have noticed that  between my eyebrows doesn't crinkle up like it use to even when I try my hardest to make it and my forehead does appear to be smoother on the top portion just below my hairline. I had some small lines from squinting that are no longer visible unless I squint hard. Keep in mind these injections are not the same dosage or amount that you receive when getting the cosmetic version of Botox done. The dose is weaker and each injection is a small amount.

I still get very nervous every ninety days when my appointment comes. I am terrified of needles and honestly since my skin is still tight on my face and then my neck, and shoulder muscles are super tense it can hurt. Luckily my doctor is amazing and he works quickly. Thirty four shots is a lot and he is done very quick. Some times it hurts worse then others depending on my sensitivity level at that time and if I am sore already or have a migraine when I go. I am usually sore for a few days after.  I would say almost every time if I don't go to the appointment with a headache or migraine I usually have one when I leave or within a few hours but it helps to take Advil then ice the areas. 

The day of I am sore during the procedure and tender to the touch when I get home. I ice the area throughout the day but the next two days is usually rough. By the third day I am back to myself and usually have some neck sensitivity but then I am migraine free for the next two months sometimes longer. It has never lasted the entire ninety days but I will say that it has been a life changer for me. Being someone who suffered so bad and would get nausea, sensitivity to light, sounds, smells and movement, I now don't spend a couple days a week laying in my bed in darkness just praying for it to end. I feel like I got my life back and it has helped me so much. I get to spend more time with my kids and don't worry every day about getting a headache or migraine. 

I have read bad reviews and good like anything but for me it has been the most effective and less side effects compared to all the different medications that I have been prescribed over the years. I highly recommend if your insurance will cover it and you have tried many types of relief that have not worked for you, to give the Botox a try. I bring my husband with me and he usually takes the day off and sometimes the day after off or I have someone here to help me with the kids because my head usually hurts, and feels like it weighs a hundred pounds on my neck. I recommend having frozen ice packs and cold clothes, being ready to take a day or two to just relax, and the support of your family or spouse for that time. I take it easy and don't let anything get me stressed out. I try to take a break from any responsibilities or work I have for the entire week, that way I can focus on relaxing and feeling better. 

I will be sure to post a article later this week about my appointment tomorrow and fill you in on more details about the procedure, my pain after and how long it takes me to feel myself again. I have been having migraines for almost three weeks now, my neck is super tight snd sore as I write this. I am praying that the shots won't hurt as badly as they have the passed two times. My first few treatments didn't hurt as badly as the last two. I have a neurologist that specializes in injections that does my procedure. He is the best and knows exactly where to go with each injection. It usually takes about twenty minutes from start to finish and then I am on my way home to ice and relax. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for ways to fight their battle with chronic migraines. The pain of the shots is nothing compared to the symptoms and pain of an actual migraine. Especially those that last for days and have you laid up in bed unable to do your daily activities or tend to your responsibilities. Please if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. I get notification on my phone for every comment to be approved and usually respond within 12 hours at the longest. I try my best to respond right away. 

If you struggle with migraines be strong and I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can get your life back and live migraine free, even if it is for two months. To me it's the best choice I have made and thanks to my amazing team of doctors, along with my insurance company, I have been able to try this amazing treatment. I have had zero side effects other then pain and stiffness for two to three days following the shots. No droopy eye, lock jaw, ringing in my ears or muscle weakness. 

Check back later this week for my in depth post on my appointment and step by step what happens at the appointment. I will do my best to get some photos also. 

Have a great week and I will be missing for a couple days but should have some fun stuff to post this weekend. Don't forget to head over to Instagram and enter my contest to win a $25 Target giftcard, my way of showing how thankful I am to everyone for your support with my blog. Good night and hopefully I will sleep even though the thought of the  needles make me anxious. Bless you all. Xoxo

Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Bold Fierce

My Bigboldfierce story started over a year ago when my daughter emailed me some photos of some shirts she had found online. Cool tee shirts and some of the most creative designs I had seen in some time. Fast forward to this January when I stumble upon the tee shirts she had sent me on sale and was so excited to purchase them for her. After purchasing the tee shirts I decided to look up the designer online and was excited to find her on Instagram. After posting the photo of the shirts and tagging her brand she left me a comment. I had already posted and article here on my blog but decided I wanted to add a few more designs to my collection.  I recently deleted the prior posts and decided to compile all my tees into one post. 

I was super excited when the designer Whitney, who lives close to us, invited my daughter and I to a trunk show her friend was hosting. We went of course and my daughter was so nervous to meet her. It was funny to watch my daughter, who is normally talkative and outgoing turn into this shy and reserved young lady.  We had a great time talking to Whitney and trying on, then purchasing several of her designs. It was fun to meet her in person and get to hear first hand about what inspired her designs along with how important her brand and designs are to her. She is very inspired by her childhood, born in Alaska and growing up in Colorado. You will see a lot of animals from the area like her OX tank. Whitney has so much passion for her art that I was impressed to discuss her designs and listen to the story behind them along with her pride in each one. Being a mom I could compare her passion and pride of each design like that of a mom and her children. 

Whitney Anderson is the name of the amazing artist behind Bigboldfierce. I was amazed to find out that all of her shirts she designs by hand and they are all printed in Colorado. Everything is printed right here in the USA and she prints all her designs in small batches to make sure the quality is on point, and that the exclusivity and integrity of all her designs are maintained. Whitney is a talented artist who not only designs these amazing shirts but also sketches and paints some amazing artistic pieces.  You can check her out at www.facebook.com/Whitney-l-Anderson and at www.whitneylanderson.com.

If you would like to order and check out her brand, Bigboldfierce you can find her website at www.bigboldfierce.com, www.facebook.com/bigboldfierce and on Instagram @Bigboldfierce. Below are some of the amazing tees my daughter and I own. I love every shirt for it's own unique and stylish design. Every shirt has it's own individual style and they can be worn with jeans for a casual look or as you have seen in previous posts, dressed up for a evening look. 

Hope you enjoy my photos and make sure to visit her website to check out all her designs. For sure their is something for everyone. Be sure to use the code delite20 on your purchase to receive 20% off.

I love her brands mantra, No risk no story. Along with the brand name, in life you really need to be Big, Bold and Fierce, and must take many risks to have your own story to tell. 

Above is one of the first two designs we purchased. This is the "Wolf in sheep's clothing" raglan baseball tee in black and white. This design looks just like the hand sketched drawing just printed on a tee shirt. The detail is amazing. Such a stunning design and high quality print. I have been stopped almost every time I have worn this tee shirt. If you didn't know it looks like this tee is hand drawn not printed. I have a lot of tee shirts and have never seen such amazing quality in the design. 

This would be the second design we purchased, another raglan baseball tee. This design is titled "Wild Nostalgia" and is my personal favorite of the baseball style tees. This tee shirt design has a clip art feel. I love the butterflies flying out from the design at the top. I couldn't think of a better name for this tee. 

After discovering Whitney on Instagram she invited my daughter and I to a trunk show as I mentioned above. I was excited because not only did we get to meet the artist in person but I also got to see all her designs up close. I scooped up this Bigboldfierce brand logo tee and wore it to a local mixer for fellow bloggers, artists, and designers.  I always love to purchase a logo tee for my favorite brands and designers not only to represent the brand but to show the designer that I not only love their graphics but the brand itself. 

Next up is the Unicorn skull tee, I purchased this tee in burgundy because so many of my tee shirts are black, white or gray and I absolutely love the color of this tee. The design again amazing, and so unique. I have worn this with jeans and boots, then below with heels and a mini skirt. 

Another example of why my wardrobe has so many tee shirts, I can wear them so many different ways. To me they are a staple item in my closet. I enjoy playing around with different styles from evening dress to casual day dress. 

Blazer with leather pants, and the shark tee from Bigboldfierce. You don't have to just throw on a mini skirt and tee with some heels to get that dressy feel. Here I had on some leather legging style pants with black booties and a tailored blazer. Seriously looked fierce and if I changed to a pair of tailored pants could be a more professional look also. 

This is another of my favorite designs. The Oryx and cross tee. It is a stunning graphic and printed on a cream tee. There isn't really any words to describe how much I love this tee other then it is just super cool. Love how the cross is centered in the skull. Skulls and crosses are my favorite, this tee has both and the design is so one of a kind. Not only is the design super cool but the shirt itself is so soft that I don't even want to take it off when I have it on. 

This tank I grabbed up last minute at the trunk show. We had already purchased four between the two of us but I knew if I didn't get this tee I would be haunted by it. Like that ecard I have seen on Fb and Ig that's says "Don't be haunted by the things you didn't purchase" I would have regretted not scooping this tank up for sure. I love Nirvana, takes me back to so many memories of my teens. This tank is the most original and coolest Nirvana tee I have ever seen. I am so glad I got it and everyone who has seen it has stopped me to take it in along with commenting how cool it is. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite designs by this amazing artist. Hope you will stop by her site and check out her work for yourself. If you decide to order a tee for your closet be sure to use the code delite20 to get 20% off. 

More information on Big•Bold•Fierce

Above are from the BigBoldFierce website. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week of fashion, ootd's

As promised grabbed some images off my Instagram of outfits from last week. Some pieces may have been posted during the week in previous posts. Wanted to compile some shots from the week since there was mention of seeing more of the clothes on me and not just photos of them.  

 This week I have my Botox injections I receive for treatment of migraines. Usually I am laid up for a few days after my treatment because 34 injections to the face, head, neck and shoulders is a little rough but worth the two and half months I go without migraines. I wish it lasted the entire 90 days they make me go between injections but usually anywhere from 2-4 weeks before my next treatment they return. It has been very beneficial. Honestly a life changer because I use to get 2-4 migraines a week and would be miserable on those days. Since I started the treatment over a year ago I have been amazed at the benefits. 

I am also pumped to be going on vacation in two weeks and five days! That means packing and getting to wear a lot of my winter fashions one last time before I pack it all for storage. I like to pack up my large sweaters and jackets to make room in my closet for spring and summer fun. 

Here are some of my weekly posts from Instagram and a few may not have made it to IG for one reason or another. 

Black and white striped, backless maxi dress from Love Culture.

Orange and navy striped long sleeve top with Tory Burch navy sweater, silver jeans, navy matte hunter rain boots and Juicy Couture lock with key pendant necklace in gold. 

Navy, white and burgundy plaid button down from Old Navy, with my Bigboldfierce unicorn skull tee in burgundy, American Eagle ripped jeans and mossimo tall brown riding boots. 

Navy blue, rolled up sleeve, cotton and silk tee, with floral denim jeans, both Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs black bag, which I meant to swap out for a navy bag but forgot. Then navy Tory Burch sandals and a Juicy Couture heart pendant necklace in gold. 

Posted this cute bohemian dress from online with some mossimo brown tall riding boots from target. 

Hellakind tee from Stop waiting for Friday

Music on, world off tee also from Stop waiting for Friday, and you can find a post from last week with details on both these tee shirts and this amazing brand. Join the movement and purchase your hellakind tee now. Amazing brand and ten dollars from every tee is donated to a anti bullying charity. 

J Crew goodies that came in the mall, along with my new Instax mini 8 from Fuji that I won. Finally got film for her and love it. 

Bohemian dress in black with cream that I tried on and ended up wearing for the day. Super cute, can be worn with leggings, tall boots and super cute with tall gladiator style sandals. Purchased on eBay. 

I dedicated a post to this cute number the other day, my denim ombré shirt dress with braided tassel finish belt. This cute piece is from Fashion Junkee and link is in my favorite shops on side bar. 

Wore it with a cute bohemain Turkish coin necklace and tall boots one evening. Then had it on repeat the next day paired with a brown cami and cropped leggings, gladiator sandals, and my Tory Burch brown tote. 

JCrew distressed boyfriend jeans, and tee shirt. Paired it with my new black and floral kimono from Fashion Junkee. 

Hope everyone enjoyed my week of Instagram ootd and wiw snap shots. Next week will have more hopefully along with some new pieces. Thank you and be sure to check out my contest for March. I am giving away a $25 Target gift card to one lucky winner. 


Saturday, February 28, 2015


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Ombré denim dress

Quick post before bed, won a $50 gift certificate from Fashion Junkee and used it to order a black floral kimono and this awesome denim ombré style shirt dress. It has a cute brown braided with silver detail then tasel finish belt, side pockets, which are super cool, and button top. I was afraid when I opened it that it wouldn't fit but when I tried it on this evening I am in love. It is perfection and another home run from Fashion Junkee. Be sure to follow them on FB and Instagram Fashionjunkeedotcom. Then I have a link in my favorite shops to the left or the website is www.fashionjunkee.com.  Will be back tomorrow am to write more, just wanted to throw some photos up now before bed because I am so happy with this dress. I accessorized it with my Turkish coin, boho style necklace I scored on eBay awhile back for $4. I also have many other similar styles with jewels and both silver and gold finish along with some other pieces, like bracelets, anklets and earrings. Here are my photos I took after my shower when I tried it on again to decide if I liked it..

Super cute and love the pockets. Have to say this is my new favorite piece. It is exciting to find this style dress or shirt to fit me good, when you are larger busted button down tops are hard to find and dresses. Usually they look huge all over because I have to order a larger size but this fits amazing. I ordered a large and I am 5'8, 34DD and a size 4/6 or 27/28 

Wore it Saturday with some brown capri length leggings and cami, then paired with my brown Tory Burch purse so cute loving it. 

Coral floral, Spring Boho Chic

Coral floral fringe boho chic
My favorite colors last spring and this spring are pretty much the same. I love mint, coral, yellow, aqua, turquoise, and cream. Above is a cute little outfit I had fun putting together with some spring bohemian flair. Love the skirt and hope to find something similar for way less. Love to layer the bohemian pieces. I saw a cute maxi skirt that was dip dyed in cream and shades of coral with a button down, faded denim but in a coral shade with a cream crochet tank, was to die for. Since seeing that I have been drawn to the cream and coral pieces. Enjoy my for fun polyvore piece. Would love to hear if anyone has seen a skirt similar or to hear what you think of my choices. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back next week with some fun new stuff hopefully. Should get some mail tomorrow and then Monday through Friday everything else I have ordered should arrive so I can take some spring pics for here. Till then happy fashion hunting and bargain finding. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring's hottest shoe trend 2015

Spring's hottest shoe trend 2015

I posted Wednesday night about what is hot for spring fashion this year, everything from suede, fringe, denim, gingham, bohemian chic, and more. I left out shoes. I noticed that this year on the runway gladiator sandals were huge. Whether they were leather, suede, flat or wedges, with buckles or fringe, you saw them everywhere. I was super lucky in August/September to be browsing for boots for fall while at Marshall's and came across a pair of Madden Girl black studded, knee high gladiator sandals. They has them with the boots and they were marked down to $47, I didn't buy them but had shoppers remorse and went back that evening to find the last pair in my size. Recently I won a PacSun gift card and scooped up a pair of Mia gladiator sandals also for $68 with a promo code. Here are a few cute options for you in different price ranges. You can also check out eBay for some under $40. I know I have some ankle height gladiator sandals in my closet from a couple seasons ago when they were popular but for sure the knee high ones are going to be a must have for your spring and summer wardrobe. They look amazing with all the new trends I posted from the bohemian tunics, to the cute fringe dresses and suede skirts. Will be posting a blog article about these sandals over the weekend along with photos of my own sandals. Us ladies can never have too many pairs of shoes. Enjoy xoxo.

Above are my Madden Girl find at Marshall's early fall this year. Glad I went back to get them because I would have regretted not getting them. Haven't seen any since similar. The top brown pair I purchased recently by Mia at Pacsun online.