Thursday, November 21, 2013

Botox, for migraines update

A couple weeks ago I posted a blog entry about my experience with migraines and all the medications I have tried.  I had posted about getting the botox treatment which my insurance covered for me, since I had proved along with my doctors that I had gone thru all the other options available and none worked or I had awful side effects.  I have to say that so far the Botox has changed my life.  I was uncomfortable for a few days and didn't notice much of a change in how I was feeling because I was sore from the injections.  I did not experience any bruising only tenderness in the injection areas and some slight neck and shoulder discomfort.

After that subsided I felt amazing, after years of constant migraines and fear of triggering another one, I finally had no tension in my head daily, and migraines have been slim to none.  I have only had one bad migraine and one tension headache but I took some Immitrex at the onset of the pain and it was gone within an hour or so.  The migraine I got was a rough one but only lasted a few hours and was gone.  I have been going to the gym regularly again and usually this would lead to a migraine by mid day if I went in the morning, but have not had any from working out.  It feels great and I have the added benefit of no wrinkles on my forehead or between my eye brows.  I have tried to replicate the facial expressions I made in my before photos to show the wrinkles I had when I would look up or squint my eyes but I can't really get them to look similar at all.   I will be posting photos later in the week, next week of before and after it is a remarkable and pleasant change.  I never had wrinkles that were obvious or lines, I only had them when I made faces or crinkled my eyebrows inward.  Now I have a smooth forehead with no fine lines or crazy wrinkles or creases when I make faces.

I have to say this is an amazing treatment and so far, knock on wood, I haven't had any bad side effects that I had read about.  I will continue to post more about this because from what I read the results and effects get better with every treatment.  I am so happy that my husband's co worker told him about this treatment and how well it worked for him because as of today it has changed my life.  I would spend days every week with awful head pain and migraines, some that would leave me laid up in the dark, with no noise and unable to eat cause I felt so sick to my stomach, I felt like I was losing time with my kids and pursuing activities or working on my cakes and photography due to this situation but now I can say every day I wake up feeling refreshed and not stressed about triggering a migraine, no tension in my head first thing in the morning.  I also have gotten more active and go to the gym right after I drop my girls at school, come home shower, get dressed and have the most productive days ever.  I am happier and all around feel great.

Stay tuned for photos of before and after, If you are curious if it changes your appearance or helps cosmetically also, just to note I did not do this for cosmetic reasons at all.  I had no lines or wrinkles that bothered me at the stage in my life but I do know that some people who have migraines do wonder if it will improve their appearance also, and I believe it does and would if you had a lot of lines above your eye area.  I had no dropping of eye brows or any weird looking stuff happen and my forehead does not look plastic or like it doesn't move, just doesn't wrinkle up or look anything like it did before.   Honestly if it wasn't for my before and after photos I would not haven even noticed cause again I was never paying to much attention to that area cause it never bothered me before.  I also will keep posting about how the migraines go, so far one in almost a month is awesome when I had 3-4 sometimes more a week. The regular headaches have even gone away=).

Have a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving


  1. I never thought a Botox procedure can help in treating migraines! It's nice to know that it's working miracles for your headache problems. Well, I do hope you'll continue to share your journey in using Botox. Thanks! :)

    Denis Mcavoy @

    1. I will continue to share on my journey, I posted about the procedure before and the day after. It honestly has been working amazing and it wasn't so bad to get the 31 shots in the head, face, neck and shoulders. I was sore a few days but since I have felt great and no horrible side effects like so of the scary meds they prescribed before hand. I will continue to post about the procedure as I get it done with my insurance once every 90 days. Thank you for posting and reading. Stay tuned for more to come and have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. I'm currently taking topamax looking for alternatives, my doc mentioned botox last visit but I was too scared to even think about it (I'll be 28 next week and a big baby with needles). I'd love to get off the topamax but my neuro says that I'll probably still need 25mg/day even with the botox. Definitely keep updating as I am really interested in your experience.